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Videogame Rating Council
Year founded1946
Website (archived)
For the rating template, see {{VET}}.

Valtion elokuvatarkastamo (VET) is the Finnish Board of Film Classification. Its name in Swedish, the second official language of Finland, is Statens filmgranskningsbyrå (SFB).

VET/SFB is an official institution of the Finnish Ministry of Education. It is responsible for inspecting and rating the content of movies and interactive games. Only material intended to be accessible to minors (those under 18 years of age) is subject to mandatory inspection before being released to the public. A proper notification is usually sufficient for adult material, but the board has the right to inspect any material suspected of violating laws or material which was not properly notified of. Until 2001 VET also inspected material intended for adult audiences and could prevent releasing it in Finland if the board deemed it exceedingly violent.

The distributors or the producers can appeal against decisions of VET/SFB to the government-appointed Appeal Board. Since 2003 Finland has been a participant of the pan-European PEGI-system for rating interactive games.


  • VET 3.png S or K-3: Everyone
  • VET 7.png K-7: Everyone 7+
  • VET 11.png K-11: Everyone 11+
  • VET 13.png K-13: Everyone 13+
  • VET 15.png K-15: Everyone 15+
  • VET 18.png K-18: Everyone 18+
  • KK: Banned (in Finland)