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These characters are playable in limited spurts in the main storyline, and are fully playable once unlocked in the Seraphic Gate bonus dungeon.


Brahms is the lord of the vampires, and has had a long-standing feud with the gods of Asgard. He is in possession of Silmeria, one of Lenneth's sisters, but he refuses to show her any harm because of his noble heart. When Lenneth arrives to fight him, he is surprised, and tells her flat out that he is too powerful to defeat before allowing her to go on her way. Later, when the gods attempt to kill Lenneth and replace her with her evil sister Hrist, he assists Arngrim, Mystina and Lezard in defeating the valkyrie so that they may reclaim Lenneth's body. It is assumed due to his possessing of Silmeria's spirit, he will play a major role in the upcoming prequel, Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria


A powerful goddess, and an assistant to Odin, Freya serves as the go-between for Lenneth and Odin for most of the game. However, she is disdainful of most humans, and finds them to be beneath the gods. After Lenneth regains her memories as Platina, she informs Odin, and the two of them plot to do away with the valkyrie and replace her with Hrist, a far more evil, but loyal warrior-maiden. Freya is left in despair after Loki kills Odin, as her betrayal of Lenneth's trust has destroyed any sympathy that the valkyrie may have had for her.

Freya makes a cameo appearance in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time as the final boss of the bonus dungeon.

Lezard Valeth[edit]

An evil human, Lezard is a necromancer that plots to make Lenneth his own by any means necessary. Using the bodies of elves, he constructs homunculi, believing that he can use such a means to eventually attain godhood himself, and to provide Lenneth with a body that he could claim her in. However, his plans are thwarted when Lenneth is baited to his tower and flatly refuses to cooperate. After his defeat, he escapes, but eventually decides to kill himself so that his spirit may travel the realm of Midgard freely. Using his necromantic powers and one of his homunculi, Lezard brings Lenneth back to life with the side-effect of granting the valkyrie the ability for her powers to grow to those of the most powerful of gods.

Lezard makes a cameo appearance in Radiata Stories as a bonus boss. A different character with his name appears as an NPC in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, but this different Lezard does share certain traits in terms of personality.