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This is the first Chapter where you have proper control of Valkyrie. The mode (Easy, Normal or Hard) has a bearing on what dungeons appear and what characters appear and when.

Freya's Requirements[edit]

Before abandoning you in the world of humans, Freya told you what kind of warrior she was looking for. For this chapter, Freya and Odin want a Hero with a Hero Value of 40 or more. However, you cannot send up Arngrim as, according to Freya, he doesn't have what it takes to be a noble warrior in Valhalla.

Mode Differences[edit]

There are scarce few mode differences in this chapter.

  • You can only get the Forest of Woe dungeon appear if you are playing either Easy or Normal mode.
  • You can only get the Solde Catacombs appear if you are playing either Normal or Hard.


The characters you can receive/can potentially receive this chapter are:

  • Llewellyn
  • Belenus

Things to Do[edit]

In some chapters, you can go to certain places and certain events will occur if you have a particular character in your party. Events that can occur in this chapter include:

  • Visit Arngrim's house in Artolia and go to his room, there will be a short cutscene and you get the 'Dragonslayer' heavy sword.
  • Visit the woods in Crell Monferaigne after getting the character Llewellyn. You'll get a cutscene then you'll get the item 'Goddess Pendant'.
  • Visit Asaka's room in Belenus's house after getting Belenus. You'll get a cutscene and then the item 'Pressed Flower'.

Note that you can do this in essentially any chapter, just that this notes the earliest point where you can get said scenes. These scenes also won't happen if you send the character it involves to Asgard before you get this scene.