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Freya's Requirements[edit]

  • An Einherjar with a Hero Value of 50 or more
  • Warrior
  • Tactics
  • Leadership
  • Identify

Mode Differences[edit]

  • Salerno Academy only occurs on Hard Mode.
  • The Dragoncastle Caverns only occur on Easy and Normal Modes.
  • You can only recruit Lawfer on Normal or Hard Modes.
  • Nethov Swamp only occurs on Normal or Hard Mode.

Characters to Recruit[edit]

  • If you are playing Normal or Hard mode, Lawfer will appear in your Spiritual Concentrations in Artolia.
  • In Hai Lan, the characters Yumei, Jun and Nanami may appear in either this chapter, or chapters 3 or 4.
  • Janus may be recruited from Crell Monferaigne in either this chapter, or chapters 3 or 4.

Things to Do[edit]

  • If you recruit Nanami, go visit the Pleiades Shrine in Hai Lan and Minayo will give you the sword 'Dragonbane'.
  • If you recruit Janus, go to Crell Monferaigne and visit his house. There you'll get a cutscene and the bow 'Raven Slayer'.
  • If you recruit Yumei, go visit the shore to receive the item 'Fragment of Lapis Gem'.