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  • Neutral dpad: Use the direction pad to direct the Valkyrie in any of the four cardinal directions throughout the entire game. The direction pad is also used to select from the items in your inventory, and your known spells when the game is paused.
  • B button: Press the B button to swing your weapon. When paused, press the B button to use or equip the highlighted item in your inventory. When in a store, pressing B commands the Valkyrie to purchase an item.
  • A button: Press the A button to cast your currently selected spell. You can change your spells by pausing the game.
  • Start button or Select button: Pauses the game. When paused, item selection occurs with Left dpad and Right dpad while spell selection is carried out with Up dpad and Down dpad. Press Start or Select a second time to resume the game if you wish to take no specific action.


Valkyrie no Bouken Valkyrie Min.png
Valkyrie no Bouken Valkyrie Max.png

You control the Valkyrie in her quest to defeat Zouna and restore peace to Marvel Land. Initially, the Valkyrie starts the game off rather weak, armed with nothing but a short sword. She will appear as you see her to the left. Over time, you will help her fight monsters, collect gold, and find stronger equipment that will raise her offensive and defensive powers. Eventually, when she finds a helmet and cloak, she will appear as you see her to the right.

With all of the citizens of Marvel Land scared, or under Zouna's control, the Valkyrie will receive no help from anyone in the form of hints or advice. You and the Valkyrie are completely on your own when it comes to discovering all that Marvel Land has to offer. You will need to use your wits to devise a plan that will help you defeat Zouna once and for all, and many of the tasks that lay before the Valkyrie are not obvious. Some can only be surmised by exploration and experimentation.

Every time the Valkyrie defeats a monster, she earns experience points towards the next level, and usually a small amount of money. Money is scarce in Marvel Land, but the truth is, you rarely need it to buy any equipment. All of the items in the game can be obtained for free... if you know where to look. In addition to equiping various weapons and armor, the Valkyrie gains access to seven different spells. When she learns each one is dependent on her intellect, which increases with each new level of experience. The first and most valuable of these spells is probably the healing spell.

Starting a new game[edit]

The player select screen

When you start a brand new game, you will be presented with a series of selections that you must choose from before the action of the game begins. The zodiac sign and the blood type that you choose for your Valkyrie will have a direct impact on your starting strength and level progression throughout the game. Your color selection, on the other hand, is purely for your customization and has no effect on the game. While you may be tempted to enter your own zodiac and blood type (if you happen to know it), it is better to understand how these selections impact the Valkyrie so you can make an informed decision. It is important to realize that level progression is not set in stone, and that a bit random luck is involved. Even players who make the same selections every game will find that their Valkyries' growth differs slightly from one to the next.

Zodiac sign[edit]

Zodiac element Zodiac sign Starting HP Starting MP Description
Fire Aries
64 32 A Valkyrie born under a Fire sign will be full of strength, and light on magic power. They will not begin the game with the ability to cast any magic spells, but one or two level increases should help you reach the healing spell. You will be able to chop down mountains with an Axe sooner than most
Earth Taurus
48 48 Earth signs help produce a very balanced Valkyrie. She is not too weak or not too strong, not too magically gifted or inept. She begins the game with the spell of healing. As she advances in levels, her strength and intellect will usually rise at an even pace. These are very good signs for beginner players.
Air Gemini
32 64 If you want a Valkyrie who is very gifted with magic, choose an Air sign. As the opposite of Fire, she starts the game off with two spells, one of healing and one of fire. She will learn the rest of her spells very quickly and have an ample supply of MP to cast them with, but she will be rather frail in the beginning of the game.
Water Cancer
33 63 Very little distinguishes Water signs from those Air signs. The Valkyrie exchanges one point of intellect for one point of strength, which does little to alter the outcome and progression of this type. She starts the game off with the same two spells, healing and fire, and she will be weak at the start, but she will gain strength just a tad faster an Air type.

Blood type[edit]

Blood type Level 3 300,000 XP Description
A 1500 XP Level 11 Type A players have a very balanced average level progression. Never too high and never too low, blood type A players have no advantage or disadvantage when it comes to reaching new levels of experience. To reach level 3, they need more XP than type B players, but less than type O. At 300,000 XP, they will be stronger than type B players, but weaker than type O. This is a good type for beginners.
B 500 XP Level 10 Type B players will have a big advantage earning new levels in the beginning of the game, and then experience a disadvantage far later in the game. They will reach low levels faster and grow strong more quickly in the early portion of the game, but they will have a huge hurdle to clear when climbing from level 9 at 120,000 XP to level 10 at 300,000 and continuing on at a one level deficit to type A players.
O 3500 XP Level 12 Type O players have a disadvantage at the start of the game, being required to earn higher amounts of XP for low level increases. However, as the game progresses, type O players are rewarded for their tenacity with easier high level gains. At 300,000 XP, they reach level 12, one level above Type A players and two above type B. Patient players who are in it for the long haul should chose this type.
AB 500 XP ~
1500 XP
Level 19 ~
Level 8
Players who choose type AB are players who will rely on luck when determining their rate of growth. Their next level projections are chosen at random. So they might need only 500 XP to reach level 3, or they might need 1500 XP. Extremely lucky players may find themselves at level 19 when they reach 300,000 XP, far beyond type O players, while an unlucky player may be stuck at level 8, well below type B players. The average outcome is more likely something in the middle.


Valkyrie no Bouken subscreen.png

Inventory Button assignment Health meters Experience and Gold
The Valkyrie can hold a total of 8 items in her inventory, regardless of size. An item that you collect will take the first available space in your inventory. If you already have 8 items, you must use up or sell one of them in order to pick up a new item. You can use up one of your keys to collect the contents of a treasure chest. This section of the sub-screen shows which buttons are assigned to what function. Button B is always assigned to a weapon, and button A is always assigned to a spell. You must pause the game to change either one of these. The top meter always shows the current health of the Valkyrie. The lower bar will show the health of the monster that the Valkyrie has most recently come in contact with. The bar shows a total of 256 hit points. If the Valkyrie has more than 256 HP, the remainder is not shown. A yellow bar represents the current health and the red bar the amount of health missing from the current maximum (up to the first 256 points) This final section shows you exactly how many experience points you have currently accumulated, as well as how much money you have in your possession.