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Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines is played using a mouse and a keyboard. The controls are quite simple, similar to most First-Person Shooter games, especially Half-Life, where the player targets his attack with the pointer at the center of the screen and commences the attack using solely the mouse.

Control Action
PC Mouse Left Click.png Attack / Bring up Dialogue Subtitles
PC Mouse Right Click.png Activate current Discipline
W or  ↑  Move forward
S or  ↓  Move backward
Turn left
Turn right
A or , Strafe left
D or . Strafe right
space Jump
ctrl Crouch
B or ' Swim up
V or / Swim down
tab Change attack mode / Toggle to alternative firing mode (while using a ranged weapon)
R Reload weapon
F8 End Disciplines
E Use
shift Walk
F1 Melee weapons
F2 Ranged weapons
F3 Armor
I Inventory
PC Mouse Wheel Up.png or [ Previous selection
PC Mouse Wheel Down.png or ] Next selection
/ Last used weapon
K Hotkey menu
F Feed
C Character Editor
H Holster weapon
L Quest Log
Z Toggle 1st/3rd person view
; Mouse look
F10 Take screen shot
F9 Quicksave
F12 Quickload