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This is a list of the passwords for all the computers in the game. The way to acquire the passwords and the hacking fate needed in order to hack into the computer is also listed. The password for different menus in the same computer is listed as Menu - Password.

  • Tip - If you fail to hack into a computer, activate the Auspex Discipline while you do so, the temporary increase in your Wit Fate will boost your hacking skill.
Location Password Can be acquired from Hacking Fate needed
Chopshop (Tutorial) Chopshop The note on the wall 1
All Havens Sunrise The note on your table 3
Jeannette's Laptop Contacts - Callme, Email - Wishes Hacking 6
Therese's Desktop Contacts - Business, Email - 1baroness3 Hacking 6
Beach House hang10 Hacking 4
Carson's PC Imalia The poster on the wall
Bail Bond PC Money Hacking
Medical Clinic Admin Lakers Hacking
Bloodbank Freezers Ambrosia Seduce, intimidate or persuade Phil. (In one of the rooms at the bottom floor)
CiS CPu CS Door - dosage, CS Cabinet - paige Hacking ; Check the Admin PC email, then Malcolm's PC email to find out his "dirty little secret" .
Malcolm's PC email - panacea, Patients - hippocrates From either the Admin PC email or the note in one of the rooms ; hacking
Morgue cowbell Hacking
Medical Clinic Security optometry Hacking
Megahertz Computing gil bates From Bertram
Bertram Tung's PC Obfuscate Hacking
Confession PC email - slave, Important - master Hacking
Elizabeth Dane Log - antoniobay, Control - lighthouse hacking ; the cop on the deck
Empire hotel Guest logs - power, Suites - wealth hacking
Museum PC 1 Email - iluvgabe, Sales - danfinsip hacking
Museum Security PC Email - archeopteryx, Camera 1 - pterodactyl, Camera 2 - velociraptor hacking
Museum PC 2 Email - ihatemyjob, Results - ksdfieow hacking
Museum PC 3 Beams - platypus, Alarm - wombat hacking
Nocturne Theater break a leg hacking
Skyline Apartments Basement peep hacking
Skyline Apartments 1st Floor ectoplasm hacking
Skyline Apartments 3rd Floor jewels hacking
Ground 0 Internet Cafe Kafka, shizzle, subarashi from Issac; hacking
Metal Head Productions Operations - codpiece, Net Security - bang your head, Safe - turbo lover hacking
Nosferatu Warrens Electrical - tank, PUMP 118A - septic hacking
Sinbin Logfile - sinner, peepshow - sinner, private - dirtydog the note in the office ; email
Fu Syndicate Status - elimination, Species X Data - autopsy, Door Control - freedom hacking (or let Barbarus to do it for you)
Kamakazi Zen Power - gwailo, Email - shinto-x, Email - waterloo, personal - elba, Net Security - nirvana, vault - nippelhcs hacking
Society of Leopold Hear sig - soc, power - soc hacking
Ventrue Tower Lights - hitthelights hacking