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When you start the first level, you will be quickly attacked by the terrorist. Defeat him either by rapidly punching or stabbing him; it's not too bad if you get killed at this time since you'll just restart at the beginning. Before the fight (or when you re-enter the location), you may have noticed a glowing 'X' on the ground; this identifies a place of interst. Search the 'X' for wirecutters. The other "X" was on the door to the north-west; kick it open.

Inside is another terrorist who will attack. Take him out quickly, and investigate the three points of interest. In the south east corner is a machine gun; to get it, you need to almost be against the crate. In the box to the north is a grenade. On the west near the vertical pipes is ammo.

Return outside, and fight the terrorist again. These terrorists will respawn each time you re-enter a location; unless you missed an item or need to backtrack, you shouldn't need to re-enter a given room. When you head to the north-east, you will encounter a terrorist equipped with a machine gun; use yours to take him out and continue. (The grenade can also kill him, but you need it later on.) Continue to the north-east.

Climb the ladder, kick the door open and enter.

In the first room, another unarmed terrorist will attack. Collect the three items of interest; the map in the filling cabinets, the red tape on the southwest desk, and the floppy in the north-east computer. Enter the north-east door to continue.

In the second room, collect the codebook in the cabinet, and the blue tape on the desk. Use the codebook on the computer to get the login code, then use the floppy to enter the login code. Once you get the weapons card, enter the eastern door.

The third room contains an Uzi next to the radio.

The TV in the fourth room can be used to play the two tapes; the blue tape shows the professor, and the red tape shows what appears to be a device. You can resupply ammo in the box at the top right, and collect the car key from the desk.

The final room contains a terrorist with a machine gun. Kill him, and collect the necklace from his bed. Return outside, either running past or killing the terrorists, and continue to the north-east to the final street location.

In the final area, there is a machine-gun terrorist guarding your car. Kill him, collect the body armor from the barrels, and use the car key to enter the car. If you have trouble entering the car, try standing behind the door and look towards the front of the car.


The next stage is a driving scene. When you complete normal stages, you will have to drive from location to location as fast as possible. The amount of time spent driving is still deducted from the time shown in the bottom-left corner.

If you obtained the weapons pass, you can select one of two weapons with F1 or F3. If you have a map, you will be shown the direction of a two-way turn when it appears. This map is optional since you'll always make the correct turn; it's main advantage is that you can tell which road is correct before the turn completes.

While driving, you'll encounter a police car that will pull you over. Watch carefully, as he'll ask you if you have a certain piece of evidence. Show the requested evidence to continue; if you show the incorrect one, the game will end, and you will have to restart your computer.

You will eventually reach the next stage. As you drive, the background will change from its first colour to yellow, then white.

Army Camp[edit]

This stage is more difficult; in addition to most terrorists having machine guns, there are no 'X's to show the location of objects. Because of this, you have to rely on some form of walkthrough.

Kill the first guard, and enter the building. Get the purse from the desk on the south-west corner, and the ransom note on the computer. Exit, head north-east.

The second building appears to contain nothing critical. Continue to the south.

To take out the terrorist in the dugout, throw a grenade from the starting location. The smoke will float upward, killing the terrorist. Continue to the north-east.

You can resupply ammo from the box above the tank. Continue to the north-west.

Enter the building here to resupply ammo, but you'll still have to head to the north-east.

Enter the tent on the south-east side, kill the terrorist and collect the shoe from the bed. Exit to the north-west until you reach your car. Enter it to drive to the airport.


The 'X's are back; which is a good thing.

Enter the building behind the terrorist. Search the filing cabinets near the door to find the disguise; this makes you invisible until you get to the plane. You can also collect a bullet proof vest in the south-west filing cabinets next to the desk.

Exit and head to the north-east. While heading to the plane, there are two ammo caches; one in the box in the middle of the hanger, and one in the pile of crates next to the plane. Make sure you resupply from the second crate as you will not get a chance to resupply later. Climb up the ladder and enter.

In the cockpit, get the map in the south-west corner. Then, equip wirecutters and approach the daughter. To disarm this bomb, cut the center blue wire, the left yellow wire, and the right red wire. Clipping the wrong wire will kill you, forcing you to restart the level.

The driving stage starts when you disarm the bomb.

Central Park[edit]

Central Park is the final level in the game. It is a simple run down the path, where you kill five terrorists with either machinegun. Once you take out the final enemy, return to the statue, and examine the professor. He will show the suitcase, and you will win the game.