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Floor 1[edit]

Venture Purple Floor.png

This is the first floor plan that you will encounter every time you play. It serves as the room layout for levels one, four, and seven. The rooms are set up in such a way that you can traverse the rooms in a clockwise direction fairly easily. You start closest to the bottom left room. The barriers in the room are more helpful than they appear since the hallmonsters aren't that great at maneuvering around them, so the they slow the hallmonsters down quite a bit.

Goblin Room[edit]

Venture Room11.png Level 1: Venture Treasure02.png

Level 4: Venture Treasure14.png

Level 7: Venture Treasure26.png
Description: The Goblin Room contains two exits, and a treasure in the lower left corner, guarded by three Goblins. The Goblins' quarters are a little cramped, so you'll probably have to hug the lower wall to make it safely to the treasure. Fire a few arrows even if you're not intending to hit the Goblins, as it can force them out of your way when they see an arrow coming. You should have little problem coming in from the right entrance, and exiting out of the top before a Hallmonster pays you a visit.

Wall Room[edit]

Venture Room12.png Level 1: Venture Treasure01.png

Level 4: Venture Treasure13.png

Level 7: Venture Treasure25.png
Description: The Wall Room is actually the easiest room in the game. There are no monsters, just a set of walls that weave in and out. Touching the red walls cannot hurt you, but allowing them to push you too far into the purple walls can, so you must plan your moves carefully. Fortunately, the walls can be chipped by your arrows. The top and bottom walls have a wide enough gap that Winky can slip past them if he hugs the purple barriers on either side. Don't take too long in here, because if a Hallmonster makes his way in, it's difficult to escape quickly.

Serpent Room[edit]

Venture Room13.png Level 1: Venture Treasure03.png

Level 4: Venture Treasure15.png

Level 7: Venture Treasure27.png
Description: With two exits, the Serpent Room shouldn't present too much of a problem. However, you'll have to duck into the alcove at the bottom to collect the treasure chest, and then safely make it back out to escape. The serpents in here are very narrow. While they're difficult to hit from the top or bottom, they're next to impossible to hit from the sides. Do your best to clear out a path to reach the treasure, but get out quickly. Don't shoot a serpent in such a way that it would create an obstacle that you have to avoid, or worse yet, wait until it disintegrates.

Skeleton Room[edit]

Venture Room14.png Level 1: Venture Treasure04.png

Level 4: Venture Treasure16.png

Level 7: Venture Treasure28.png
Description: The Skeleton Room is very similar to the Goblin Room. The Skeletons seem slightly slower than the Goblins, but they're just as dangerous. You also have more ground to cover since you have to travel deep inside the room to collect the treasure, and back to escape. However, with more room available, the skeletons spread out a bit more so they don't have a tendency to clump together and create a difficult obstacle to overcome. If a Hallmonster appears, try to lure it down to the bottom of the room before racing up to the top and taking the closest exit available.

Floor 2[edit]

Venture Blue Floor.png

This next floor plan features two new challenges. For one thing, the floor plan isn't laid out quite as conveniently as the one before, so there's no clear cut order to tackle the rooms in. You begin at the bottom, so naturally, you will want to work your way from the bottom to the top. The second challenge is that many of the rooms in this floor alter themselves in some way once you're inside. Either the state of the enemies change when you collect the treasure, or you must wait some period of time before you can collect the treasure. This is the floor plan for levels two, five, and eight.

Spider Room[edit]

Venture Room21a.png Level 2: Venture Treasure08.png

Level 5: Venture Treasure20.png

Level 8: Venture Treasure32.png
Description: The spider room starts out simply enough. As a fairly wide open room, with three red spiders roaming about, it's not too difficult to slip in and head right to the treasure. As soon as you collect the treasure however, the three red spiders are replaced with two rather quick yellow spiders. Because of this, you do not actually have to worry about the position of the red spiders when you collect the treasure since they are going to disappear. The two yellow spiders appear in front of either exit, but they still try to dodge your arrows, so you can force them out of your way, or simply shoot them to free up one of the exits. Venture Room21b.png

Dragon Room[edit]

Venture Room22.png Level 2: Venture Treasure07.png

Level 5: Venture Treasure19.png

Level 8: Venture Treasure31.png
Description: This room can quite difficult, since there are a total of four dragons to avoid, and very little space to maneuver in. To compensate for that fact, the distance you actually have to travel through is quite small. All you need to do is zip up to collect the treasure, and head back down. Unfortunately, two of the dragons tend to hover around the treasure, making your approach quite difficult. You can either shoot arrows at them to move them out of the space, or fire diagonally at them to try and kill them. Either way, do not get too close to them, since it will be difficult to get out of their way in time should they decide to move closer to you.

Troll Room[edit]

Venture Room23a.png Level 2: Venture Treasure06.png

Level 5: Venture Treasure18.png

Level 8: Venture Treasure30.png
Description: The two Trolls in this room are quite deadly. They pursue you rapidly. When you enter this room however, both the trolls and the treasure they guard will be off limits to you. They will all be held behind a barrier that you must wait out. After a number of seconds, the barrier will disappear, and you will suddenly have to defend yourself against two angry trolls. Try to situate yourself so that you fire your arrows down the center of the corridor, where the trolls will have a very difficult time dodging them. If you manage to destroy one troll, try to find the safest route to the treasure so that you don't engage the other one. Because of the time you must wait for the barrier to disappear, it's not uncommon for a Hallmonster to make its way into the room before you finish. Don't waste any time once those barriers disappear. Venture Room23b.png

Two Headed Room[edit]

Venture Room24a.png Level 2: Venture Treasure05.png

Level 5: Venture Treasure17.png

Level 8: Venture Treasure29.png
Description: At first, this room seems like a piece of cake. Of course you know better than that by now. Waste no time running in and collecting the treasure, as nothing will take place until you do. Once you pick it up, either end of the room will populate with a pair of two-headed enemies. This becomes especially problematic since there's very little room to maneuver around them, and if you kill them, their corpses take up considerable space. If you kill the enemies, try to kill them while they are up against the walls closer to the middle, which don't contain the exits. Venture Room24b.png

Floor 3[edit]

Venture Yellow Floor.png

The last floor plan naturally contains the most difficult rooms. It serves as the floor plan for levels three, and six, and repeats forever as level nine and beyond. At level nine, many of the hallmonsters are much faster than you, so you can't waste any time moving from one room to the next, or they will surely catch you. With an odd arrangement of rooms that take up most of the floor space, there isn't a lot of room for error when traveling from one room to the next. Taking the rooms in the order presented here is one of the most optimum routes.

Genie Room[edit]

Venture Room31a.png Level 3: Venture Treasure11.png

Level 6: Venture Treasure23.png

Level 9: Venture Treasure35.png
Description: Despite being one of the more open rooms on this floor, the Genie Room is probably the most difficult. The treasure is contained in the tiny narrow alcove on the left, and usually more than one Genie is already occupying it when you get there. If you happen to destroy one of the Genies, it will more than likely cause of problem for you if you have to wait for it to disintegrate. The Genies aren't shy and will come after you when you get close. Once you collect the treasure, the Genies change from red to blue, but they don't appear to behave any differently; that is to say, they are just as deadly as before. Venture Room31b.png

Bat Room[edit]

Venture Room32.png Level 3: Venture Treasure10.png

Level 6: Venture Treasure22.png

Level 9: Venture Treasure34.png
Description: The Bat room is probably the easiest room on the floor. With only three average moving Bats, there's not a lot to get in your way as you drop down to scoop up the treasure and climb back out. The yellow bat seems especially good at avoiding your arrows, but a well fired diagonal shot can take it out. Don't focus too much on fighting however, since at this point in the game, it takes less time for a Hallmonster to make his way into the room.

Demon Room[edit]

Venture Room33a.png Level 3: Venture Treasure09.png

Level 6: Venture Treasure21.png

Level 9: Venture Treasure33.png
Description: By now you know the drill: an empty room early means a room crowded with monsters later. In this case, they don't even wait for you to reach the treasure. As soon as you enter the alcove where the treasure waits, the Demons pop out of the center block to ambush you. Demons are rather fast, so they spread out quickly. You'll need to try to take one or two out before you collect the treasure because the closest one invariably has a habit of trapping you in the alcove. Getting in and out without fighting any Demons is especially hard to do, but it is possible. Venture Room33b.png

Cyclops Room[edit]

Venture Room34.png Level 3: Venture Treasure12.png

Level 6: Venture Treasure24.png

Level 9: Venture Treasure36.png
Description: Making your way in and out of the Cyclops room relies a little bit on luck. The Cyclops spread out, and the highest one has a tendency to travel to the left of the center block or two the right. If the other two Cyclops move with him, then you'll have an easy path to the treasure below, and back out. If they don't, you'll have a fight on your hands. Oddly enough, one of the Cyclops has the ability to blink out and back when you fire an arrow at him. And you won't know which Cyclops it is until you fire at him. As a result, don't get too close to any of them when you fire at them, or the Cyclops that blinks will promptly kill you when it returns.