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Victory Road cpanel.jpg
  • Rotary Joystick: The rotary joystick serves two simultaneous purposes. The joystick can be pushed in any one of eight direction to direct the players to move in that direction. As either player advances to the top of the screen, the screen will automatically scroll down. If the player retreats, the screen will scroll up, but only to a limited extent. The second purpose of the joystick is to control the orientation of the players. The joystick can be rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise. As the joystick is rotated, so too will the players rotate in the same direction. In this manner, a player can move in any direction while continuing to face one particular direction.
  • Gun: Press the fire button to shoot your primary weapon, your gun.
  • Grenades: Press the grenade button to lob one of your grenades ahead of you in whichever direction you face.
  • 1-2 Players: Press either button to begin a one or two player-simultaneous game.


Ralf and Clark[edit]

Victory Road Player1.png
Victory Road Player2.png

Ralf and Clark are mercanaries for the Ikari Warriors agency. In their second mission together, having only just successfully competed their first mission, they are thrust into an uncertain future. Someone implores them to attempt a rescue of the remainder of mankind of an alien invasion. Equipped with guns and grenades, they must blast their way through an entire alien army, in order to reach the final showdown with their leader. Unlike the original game, ammunition is unlimited this time around, so you don't have to worry about running out of firepower. Additionally, a large supply of weapons can be found throughout each level, including bazookas (which you start the game with), swords, and boomerangs. Grenades can be upgraded, and earthquake inducing tiles can be collected to eliminate enemies. There aren't any vehicles for you to use like the last game, but power armor can be discovered and worn to protect you from danger. Ralf and Clark appear in one more Ikari Warrior game, and they later enter the fighting tournament known as The King of Fighters.

Power Armor[edit]

Victory Road PowerArmor.gif

Gone from the game are the tanks and helicopters that Ralf and Clark could hop into in the middle of their mission for neigh indestructibility. In there place is only the Power Armor. It doesn't improve your firepower (although with the bazooka, you're fairly powered up to begin with), but it does provide you with limited invincibility. You won't die from any bullets that hit you. If you touch an enemy, you will survive the contact, but you will instantly lose the armor. For that reason, you should still take considerable care when wearing the armor, in order to maximize the protective effect that it has.