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Main Characters[edit]

  • Skarin: the main hero of the game, a plaything of the gods rebelling against their selfish agenda. The definitive Viking warrior.
  • Freya: goddess of love and wisdom, is appointed the task of stopping Hel.
  • Hel: queen of the underworld and daughter of Loki, Hel seeks to create her own version of Midgard in which all men are treated equally as warriors. To do this, she wishes to slay them all in hopes of converting them into undead.
  • Drakan: Hel's harbinger and primary general, he leads her forces on Midgard. At one time he was much like Skarin, and pledged his allegiance to Freya. However he fell in love with the goddess. Freya rejected him, destroying his soul. Slowly he went crazy, until Hel found him and took him under her guidance.



  • Brighthelm Champion Guy: you'll be able to identify this soldier by the horned helm on his head, and the men that bow around him. Speak with him to open the front gates of Brighthelm and begin your journey.
  • Torv: the innkeeper has had his order of Mead scattered across Niflberg. If you can return some of the barrels, he'll pay you for the effort.
  • Osgood: shopkeeper Osgood supplies Hilltop Farm with necessary equipment in exchange for goods. After completing the task, he'll sell his wares to Skarin.