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PlayStation 3 Control Xbox 360 Control Usage
Neutral lstick Move Skarin; move between targets for dragons; navigate menus.
Neutral rstick Move the camera.
Cross button Attack quickly.
Square button Attack slowly, but with more power; perform guaranteed kill animations.
Triangle button Jump.
Circle button Interact with people and objects (usually has to be tapped); initialize a quick time event against a commander.
Square button+Cross button Perform a focused attack. This will reduce your power bar significantly.
L2 button Block.
L1 button Hold to display the inventory; press the corresponding button to equip or use an item.
R1 button
L2 button+Triangle button Dodge backwards.
R2 button Hold to display the elemental powers menu; press the corresponding button to unleash a rune power.
R3 button Center the camera.
Select button Display the island map using Brisingamen.
Start button