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Quick Time Events (QTEs)

Quick time events are short interactive cutscenes that are initialized when in combat with certain large enemies (Champions, Giants and bosses). They can only start when the enemy has been significantly weakened and the Circle button button appears on them (when this happens, getting in close proximity and pressing the button will start the QTE). Skarin will assault his target, and large button images will appear on the screen as the QTE progresses. If you fail to press the buttons quickly enough or rapidly enough (for buttons that must be tapped), the QTE will end abruptly and Skarin will take some damage as he is knocked away. During a QTE the only buttons that will be used are: Square button, Cross button, and Circle button. You'll notice that as the buttons appear they come in two forms: unmoving (static), or denoting a "tap" motion (the button moves in and out as if being pushed). For the former, press the button once; for the latter, continue to tap the button as fast as you can until it disappears. Upon success of a quick time event, the target will be killed (during an assault this will reward you with 1-3 Dragon Stones).

Legion Berserker[edit]

Berserkers, like the grunts, have little armor but are focused completely on offense. Although they aren't as dangerous as an assassin, legion berserkers can do much damage while wielding both of their axes. These were designed to be front-line, completely offensive soldiers ready to take on Skarin without hesitation.

Legion Champion[edit]

The Legion Champion is the strongest of Hel's general forces and can hit Skarin with several powerful attacks however he is very slow due to his heavy sword. The best method is to dodge his attacks and strike him until he winds up for a slow overhead swing - at this point he'll smash the ground and get his weapon stuck in the ground. While he's standing their aimlessly, if he's ready to be killed (if you pummeled him enough already) the ability to perform a quick time event (QTE) appears (a large Square button appears above his head).

Note that there are three QTE's available when facing a champion; the one that occurs depends on the location of Skarin in relation to the champion when the QTE is initiated. If Skarin is behind the champion, he will run up he back and stab his sword through the champion's head. Attack from the front, Skarin will run and jump up the blade of the champion, slashing him until he knocks him to the ground, at which point Skarin finishes him off by stomping his face to mush. The final QTE that can be performed has Skarin knock the champion to the ground, and then stab his sword through the champion's face from the side.

It must be said that in later islands the Champions are slightly faster then before and far more aggressive (they are also equipped with additional armor, such as a viking helmet). During an event battle (where you use the Battle Horn to start it), killing Champions is a source of dragon runes. If you acquire enough dragon runes, you can order the Dragons you have summoned to attack specific targets in battle using the Eye of Asgard (Select button). You can spot a Champion by the distinctive red glow around him and a red dot on the map (note that Giants and Shamans also appear as a red dot).

Legion Archer[edit]

Archers are as weak as the basic soldier, but have less defensive capability since they rely on keeping distance between themselves and Skarin. Charge these enemies first, and slash them apart quickly as their shots can be an annoyance (for example shooting you from behind or while you are trying to free your allies).

Legion Warrior[edit]

Legion warriors, shield-wielding foes, are much more durable than normal ones, simply because they carry a large wooden slab that they put between themselves and Skarin. Unless you plan on breaking their shield with many powerful techniques, the best way to take them down is to body check them and then attack them while they are on the ground.

Legion Assassin[edit]

These maniacs are fast and extremely dangerous - they are equipped with gloves on both hands with extended claw-like blades. Assassins are usually triggered enemies - they will not appear unless you walk into a certain region on the map - and in some cases will fall from above (from a tree or cave wall) giving you no chance to dodge them. They will attempt to leap onto Skarin and claw him to death if they get the chance. If one does attach itself to Skarin, a large control stick icon (Neutral lstick) will appear to tell you to swivel it randomly as quickly as possible to knock it to the ground. When they hit the ground they will be stunned temporarily as it gets up, so use this time to kill them, otherwise you'll have to fight them like a normal undead Viking. In normal combat, simply block or dodge their attacks and counter when possible. Once you've acquired Valkyrie's Stampede, you can use your counterattack to slay an assassin with one blow.

Legion Grunt[edit]

The basic soldier that makes up Hel's Legion. These are the meat of her army, and are equipped with a single one handed sword and little to no armor. They can be defeated in about three hits.

Armored Grunt[edit]

Although this type of enemy has no official name, it behaves similarly to the basic legion grunt, but with increased attack power and durability. These foes can be identified by the large spikes that make up a sort of ring from their chest to their back on their right side.

Because of their armor, they are like fighting legion warriors - however without the shield they have increased mobility.Use slow rage level 3 attacks and counterattacks to bring them down, especially in groups. If they are blocking, body check them (L2 button+Cross button) to create an opening.

They take about 4 counterattacks, or 15 normal attacks to destroy.

Legion Shaman[edit]

These units are higher ranking (they appear on your minimap as a red dot), and are very dangerous if left to live. The longer they are allowed to live, the more units they summon from their portal. In event battles, if they are alive for too long their summoned forces can end up outnumbering yours. Destroy the metal stakes that surround the shaman (they glow red like the shaman's energy), and then kill the shaman with a single final blow (press Square button).

Each metal stake takes three hits to destroy, and upon destruction they let out an explosion that knocks back everyone except Skarin - this can also kill enemies. You can use this to your advantage if surrounded by enemies - simply use a combo attack or focus your efforts on it until it explodes, then move on as you wish (usually focusing on the next stake). If there are too many enemies around you, you'll be forced to face them before clearing the stakes, especially if there are berserkers around.

Legion Giant[edit]

The Legion Giant appears for the first time when you reach the final event battle on Galcliff. From then on, it becomes a regular champion unit that appears in both event battles and in some camps on Isaholm.

Much like the champion, the Giant is slow and often relies on use of its fists and feet to attack. Note that the giant usually lets out a roar before attacking, so listen for the signal and then dodge even if you don't see the attack. Giants are capable of the following attacks:

  1. Pivoting 90 degrees, knocking back foes with its leg.
  2. Grabbing Skarin if he's close to the giant's right hand, then slamming him into the ground.
  3. Grabbing Skarin if he's close to the giant's right hand, then attempting to eat him.
  4. Using to fits to pound the ground. This attack will damage all foes in a semicircle around the giant's front, and it has range. It can be dodged by jumping or being behind the giant.

Due to its slow nature, you must attack the lower part of its body until the quick time event trigger button appears (Circle button), dodging attacks until it does. Every giant takes three quick time events to kill, which are performed one after the other.

Quick Time Event #1
  • Button Sequence: Triangle button, Triangle button, Square button, Arcade-Modifier-Tap.pngCross button.

The first one appears while it is standing - the event places Skarin a small distance away, and shows the giant roar. The first button will appear, then the giant will charge and the second button will appear. Skarin will dodge, then the third button will appear and Skarin will avoid the giant's feet. Now located behind the giant, the final button will appear (this one needs to be tapped) and Skarin will pound his axe into the giant's heel.

Quick Time Event #2
  • Button Sequence: Square button, Triangle button, Arcade-Modifier-Tap.pngCross button.

After stabbing the giant's heel with your axe in the first QTE, the giant will fall to its knees where you can begin the second event.

Quick Time Event #3
  • Button Sequence: Cross button, Triangle button, Square button, Arcade-Modifier-Tap.pngCross button.

Skarin will slash the giant's foot until it reels in pain once more, leaving its back open to the third and final QTE.


A mighty champion that once fought for Freya, his dedication to her eventually led to his emotional downfall as he fell in love. Freya broke this bond by denouncing his love, and he slowly drove himself to madness. Drakan appears as the final boss on Niflberg. Drakan behaves much like a stronger Legion Champion.