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Combat is the main focus of Viking: Battle for Asgard, for without battle, there is no honor!


If you fail to keep Skarin alive, he'll fall to the ground and then the screen will turn red and orange and then fade to black. Instantly he'll be revived in the base that he starts at on each island - for example atop the hill in Brighthelm while fighting on Niflberg. There are some negative consequences to dying, however nothing too serious: you'll lose a portion of the gold you are currently carrying, and some of the enemies you killed in certain areas (like uncompleted objectives) will be revived.


Objectives are major points located on the maps that require certain things to be done to complete them. Some objectives are simply areas on the map inhabited by Legion forces that need to be exterminated, whereas others are event-based that require certain things to be completed before they can be initialized (like rescuing and recruiting enough warriors to make up an army). Event-based objectives can be initialized at any point, and exist so that players can purchase the necessary equipment to face it safely. To initialize an event when all of its requirements have been met, open Brisingamen's map and move the cursor over the event and press Cross button.


The leylines are magical obelisks that litter the islands. Each one looks like a giant stone pillar with light shooting out from it like a beacon. When you move close enough to one, it will automatically be marked on your map and you'll be allowed to access it from any other leyline. Run up to a leyline and tap the interaction button (Circle button}}; Skarin will put out his hand and electricity will flow between them - if you tap it long enough, the teleportation menu will appear and you can move the cursor to the desired leyline. Confirm the action with Cross button and Skarin will appear in the other location.

Chests, Gold, and Urns[edit]


Chests come in the traditional large metal form, and can be opened by approaching and then tapping the interaction button (Circle button). They hold either gold or special items within them. Chests are the rarest type of loot object, and you'll usually only see these around objective points.


Although required to learn new skills and purchase runes, upgrades, and equipment, gold must be hunted for. You can find gold in various forms and through different means:

  • In small cloth bags littered around the islands (these shine with a white outline). These bags can be dropped from urns. These drop around 14 gold per bag.
  • Within treasure chests. After opening a chest, you'll see the notice appear showing how much gold you've received (usually around 200).
  • By completing quests. On Niflberg you'll receive the task of returning Mead to Osgood. After doing so, you'll be rewarded with about 200 gold per barrel.

Urns are large vases (about the size of Skarin) that hold either orbs or gold. They can be broken with a single attack, and have a white outline around them (like sacks of gold) so they can be found more easily.


Skills and Arenas[edit]