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After the narrative, the game will fly the camera around some of the islands hotspots, showing you your first objective: retake the quarry.

As with the other islands, you'll begin by standing in the middle of a portal. Run down the hill and speak with Champion Osten on the right side of the path - he'll give you three additional objectives: clear legion forces from the farm, the watch tower, and the still.

Head down into the camp, and purchase the treasure maps from the shopkeeper, as well as any additional equipment (a health upgrade perhaps?). If you've acquired enough additional gold from the past two levels, talk to the blacksmith and upgrade as many runes as you can, since you can achieve the maximum level.

Heimdall’s Enforcer
Gamerscore points
Heimdall’s Enforcer
Glacially wipe out a Legion using the ultimate ice attack
Odin’s Doomsinger
Gamerscore points
Odin’s Doomsinger
Use the ultimate fire attack to kill a Legion
Thor’s Mortal Lightning Rod
Gamerscore points
Thor’s Mortal Lightning Rod
Send a Legion back to the underworld in the most lightning-tastic way imaginable

You can get three achievements by maxing out all of the runes, and then unleashing the power in battle and using their special ability (Square button+Cross button or X button+A button).

The Quarry[edit]

From town, run north until you reach where the paths split. Take the upper pathway on the right side that curves above and to the left. You'll notice a large fenced in area - your allied vikings are held here, but the key to the gate is held by a champion on the northeastern upper side. Head over that way (past the leystone) and slay the beast.

Head back to the gate and open the door with the key you acquired. Kill the remaining legion forces in the area, then free your brothers. Reinforcements will appear, and after taking care of them you can speak with one of the leaders (he is located near where the vikings were imprisoned, within the enclosed area). He will inform you that the legion fed them food that made them sick and weakened, and that Beekeeper Im's honey has the potential to cure them.

You'll receive a new objective on Brisingamen, so from the quarry head west until you reach a large pond area, fed by a waterfall, and a house constructed on a solitary rock in the middle. Head north and run up the wooden ramp, speak with Beekeeper Im to receive the cure, then jump off on the west side of the ramp and grab the gold bag. There's also one in the corner hidden by the waterfall.

Return the quarry and speak with the guard. His men will feel better and join your ranks. Speak with the quarry master to receive explosives used later on.

If you haven't done so already, scour the quarry for all remaining sources of gold.

The Farm[edit]

The Southern Watchtower[edit]

The Still[edit]


Assault on Thornvik[edit]

The Lumbermill[edit]

The Gate[edit]

Eastern Watchtower[edit]

Northeastern Fortress[edit]

Dragon Gem: Mjolnir[edit]

Liberate Viking Warriors[edit]


Giant's Forge[edit]

Hel's Fortress[edit]

Scaling the Tower[edit]

Boss Fight

Hel will begin the fight by igniting the sections of the room that have grates on them, this includes where she stands. You cannot pass through fire, so you must wait for her to lower the flames momentarily.

In each section, destroy the metal stakes that help her harness her energy. After destroying it, simply fight the enemies that come after you until the flames lower for you to pass. They rise quickly, so either run immediately or go towards the section that has flames up, because they will be lowered next.

The easiest way to take on the enemies, especially the upgraded grunts and warriors, is to shove them into the fire. However, don't use Fast Rage level 2 or 3 powers because you might end up throwing yourself in the flames!

When all the flames are down, Hel will transform into a monstrosity - basically she attaches her upper half to the top of a giant. Although very similar to a normal giant, Hel has the additional ability to breath fire in wide arcs. Like any giant, use Slow Rage level 3 attacks, dodge as much as you can and use Valkyrie's Stampede. Once you deal enough damage, you'll enable the quick time event that will destroy her.

Unlike a normal giant's QTE, when you face off against Hel there will be no breaks in the different QTE's; additionally there is a new variation for finishing her off that you won't be used to, but isn't difficult to pull off. If for some reason you accidentally break the QTE, Hel may show you her other ability. Hel will raise the flames once more, and you'll have to kill her minions until they disappear and she begins moving around again. Luckily she doesn't regain her health, so simply run up and initialize the quick time event again.

The final strike in the QTE will stab her in the throat, and she will fall to the ground and evaporate. Hel will curse you, son of Fenrir, and wonder why you wouldn't wish to be free (as if Skarin was Fenrir). Congratulations, you just beat the game.

Final Cutscene[edit]