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Although Skarin starts the game with all the abilities he needs to complete the tasks he faces, these are fairly limited and will seem very repetitive after fighting for some time. To make up for this, Skarin can learn new abilities at arenas. There is one arena to be found on each island.

  • Niflberg: the arena is found just east of the ruins, on the coast at the very southeast corner of the island. It is available from the very start of the game.
  • Garcliff: the arena is found the mountains above Holdenfort. You cannot reach it until Holdenfort has been conquered by Freya's forces.
  • Isaholm: the arena is found in the mountain above the still. The path to it is along the mountain on the western side of the still. It's possible to sneak up to it at any time.
Skill Name Cost (g) PS3 Button Combination Xbox 360 Button Combination Island First Available Effect and Info
Njord's Wrath 0 Triangle button, Cross button Y button, A button Niflberg While in the air, Skarin uses the force of his fall to increase his axe's blow. This move sends him straight downwards, so you must be close to an enemy for it to work. Useful against Legion Warriors.
Odin's Will ?? Niflberg
Thor's Hammer ?? Niflberg Slow rage attack, level 1. Skarin lifts both weapons over his head and slashes and enemy with them. Powerful against shields, this attack can sever both arms of an enemy at once.
Baldur's Curse ?? Niflberg
Fenrir's Bite 700 Square button X button Niflberg Skarin leaps at the enemy, unsheathing his weapons from his back and attacking them with both at the same time for a single, powerful strike. From behind, this technique will instantly sever the enemy in half. From the front, this will knock them to the ground.
Fenrir's Might ??
Freya's Chariot (The Hammer) ??
Nidhogg's Strike ??
Hel's Fury ??
The Spear of Odin ??
Valkyrie's Stampede ?? R2 button+Triangle button, Cross button LT button+Y button, A button Galcliff A powerful counter-attack, Skarin does a 180 and attempts to cut his enemy in half. Instantly kill grunts, archers, assassins, and berserkers. Extremely useful for fighting large amounts of enemies without taking damage.
Baldur's Silence ?? Square button X button Galcliff Performs an execution if behind an enemy and very close. Skarin stabs the enemy and lifts them up with his sword before pulling it out quickly.
Odin's Doom 2000 Triangle button, Square button Y button, X button Isaholm Skarin leaps into the air, and comes down using a spinning two handed strike.
Might of Valhalla 4000 Hold L1 button, tap Square button three times quickly. Hold RB button, tap X button three times quickly. Isaholm Slow rage attack, level 3.
Valkyrie Strike 800 Cross button, Cross button, Cross button, Cross button, Square button A button, A button, A button, A button, X button Isaholm Perform a four hit combo and then use a heavy attack - Skarin will use a two handed attack to knock over his opponent (doesn't knock down champions).
Curse of Fenrir 6000 Hold L1 button, tap Cross button three times quickly. Hold RB button, tap A button three times quickly. Isaholm Fast rage attack, level 3.