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Violent Storm
Box artwork for Violent Storm.
Japanese titleバイオレントストーム
Release date(s)
ModesSingle player, Co-op
TwitchViolent Storm Channel

Violent Storm (バイオレントストーム?) is a 1993 side-scrolling fighting game for the arcades produced by Konami.

The year could either be in the 50s or 90s. In the beginning, World War III has at last expired. The people are left to pick up the pieces and rebuild their civilizations. However, vicious gangs that prey on these defenseless citizens are obstructing the reconstruction.

The main characters are Boris, Wade and Kyle, vigilantes who protect those who are fearful. Their largest problem is the corrupt, incorrigible, ruthless and lethal gang known as "The Geld Gang". They have commissioned every type of person imaginable. Purple-haired, leather-clad, chain-wielding, lead-pipe swinging, masked, martial art, orange-mohawked and men so strong and immune to pain they use manhole covers as shields.

One day, when the three heroes were patrolling the streets alert, ready and able to help those in need, they saw a woman waving at them, who is a good friend of theirs named Sheena, walking across the street out of a supermarket with groceries. A moment later, Lord Geld's right hand man, Red Freddy, snatched Sheena away while riding on his purple hog. Now, the three braves must save Sheena from the grips of Lord Geld.

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