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Using the Same Costumes[edit]

To select the same character and the same costume, do the following: Have Player 1 select the character both players will be using. Player 2 must now highlight the character to the left of the character Player 1 selected. Have Player 2 press Arcade-Stick-Right.png, Arcade-Button-Punch.png, Arcade-Button-Kick.png, and Arcade-Button-Block.png all at the same time. When the match begins, you should both be using the same character and the same costume.

Kage-Maru's Mask[edit]

After approximately three thousand plays, more than Kage's headband will come off. His mask will also come off.

Messing Around with the Demo[edit]

During the demo played between the computers before the game starts, you can get Kage-Maru to move in his match against Sarah Bryant. Quite simply move the joystick around to have him roll in the direction of which you please. You can also have him dodge some of Sarah's attacks.

Featured Replay[edit]

The last match you played in which you lost against the computer will be shown in the game's introduction. If you got to the final boss, the match in which you beat Akira Yuki will be shown.

Secondary Costumes[edit]

There is a possible way to use the secondary costume usually used in duplicate match-ups while the other player uses a different character. First, have Player 1 highlight the character Player 2 wants the secondary costume for. Then, have Player 2 select the character. Now Player 1 can choose whoever they want to be, and when the match starts, you'll have an alternate costume.