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These Piñata are all tame, and in alphabetical order. Under the name, you will find the in-game description, word for word. If you are looking for how to get a Piñata to appear, visit, etc., please go to Attracting Piñatas. To see what certain Piñata can do, go to Piñata Abilities.


If a Cluckles had this many legs, people would shout hooray and fire up the barbeque. However an Arocknid's legs seem to make people cautiously reach for a rolled-up newspaper.


Does the Badgesicle have a certain part of its anatomy that can only be described as rough? Let's put it this way, if Badgesicles sat in trees, the branches would be so smooth, birds would slip off.


Red is nature's warning color. Danger! Beware! So, perhaps the Bonboon eats a lot of curried beans?


Vets call them Bunnycombs, animal lovers call them bunnies, farmers call them vermin. Hungry creatures may even call them dinner.


Aloof and mean looking, the Buzzenge will probably be the first bird of prey to visit your garden.


Why do Buzzlegums make honey? I think it's a bribe, so we'll be their friends. I mean without the delicious, sweet, honey, you're left with nothing more than a fat wasp.


Not only is the Candary small and yellow, but it can 'detect' poison gas in mines. Not only pretty but practical too.


Everyone loves Cinnamonkeys with their cheeky faces and mischievous tricks. The more Cinnamonkeys, the better, and the very best thing is to take a barrel and quite literally stuff it with the little tricksters. Great.


Right from the beginning, scrambled, boiled or fried, then there's the cute fluffy bit (ahhh), then we dive back into roast, boiled or fried. How can there be any left?


After some soothing, the Cocoadile's lethal snout becomes home to nature's widest grin.


When you see the Crowla, think less 'dark, sinister, grave robber' and more garbage collector. It may stop that shiver tickling your spine.


This animal is fast and flighty, not the sort of animal that you'd expect to get caught and eaten. Unfortunately, the horns on its head pick up T.V. signals and transmit them straight to its brain, a lethal distraction.


The ground shakes as it moves, the trees quiver when it roars, its breath can scorch the earth. Truly incredible but utterly terrible, and all the more desirable for it.


The Dragumfly is a master of flight. It can hover over or skim the water, which is even more amazing when you consider how large it is. A little known fact is that its four winds and 'Tally Ho!' call inspired 1940s pilots.