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If you already took a trip in the High Seas, you probably already see sparkles at different places. Sparkles are where you can find discoveries. These ones are a great way to increase your reputation and maneuverability for your ship. Maneuverability is the skill that you need to upgrade to upgrade your ship into a Raider ship.

  1. Make sure that your character has a free slot in Article column.
  2. Put your ship in the middle of a sparkle.
  3. Press the discovery command icon (located in your speed bar at the bottom of your screen) and send out sailors.
  4. Read your chat screen in the Public channel and wait for a log book to appear on the bottom right of your screen.

A discovery is not completed until you take the log book to an Authenticator that will authenticate your discovery. Then, if it is for a quest, you can now go to the Adventure Alliance Master to submit it.

Things to bring[edit]

  1. Bring the maximum amount of sailors possible for your ship.
  2. Buy Medic Kits from the Shipyard Boss or get them from Drifters. Because sailors don't always die, sometimes they just get sick and can be healed. Since the new version of Voyage Century, Medic Kits don't have any loads so you can by plenty of them and it won't slow your ship when you will be sailing.
  3. Provisions as many as your ship can carry.

Sparkles move around[edit]

  1. Use the listed coordinates as starting point, but be prepared to sail + or - 10 points in either direction to find the sparkles.

Some discoveries can be really, really difficult...[edit]

  1. First, make sure your ship is right in the middle of sparkles.
  2. Sometimes, it's just not your hour / day. Come back to the spot later and try again.
  3. If nothing works, you might even want to wait until you've leveled up.

Use your auto-track system[edit]

  1. Ctrl+P
  2. The auto-track won't bring you exactly to the sparkles but close to it.
  3. Watch out for storms, the auto-track system doesn't go around a cloud, if it's on your way you will definitely it into it

Lower your sail[edit]

  1. The slower your ship sails, the more provisions you save, you can do more explorations and you will save money.
  2. As you get closer to the coordinates, hit ] to lower your sail down to 4.
  3. Why not 3? Because some people have difficulties getting sparkles when sailing real slow.

Random sparkles[edit]

  1. Sometimes sparkles will show up in random places. They are a random event and only appear two times.
  2. These sparkles will give a Treasure Map Piece.

There seems to be nothing here message[edit]

  1. It takes 10 " In exploring " messages before the above message comes up. That means it's time to sail away, then back to the area and find the sparkles again.

"Sailor is missing during exploration"[edit]

  1. A lot of players said that 90% or more discoveries happen after the above message.

Relation to finding provision[edit]

  1. The amount of provision you find while discovering can tell you if you are at the right spot. It will vary by level. For example : While doing a level 2 discovery you find 100ish provisions, that means you are at the wrong spot.
  2. If you see the amount of provisions below, you are at the right spot, so stay there and you should discover something soon :
  • Level 1 : 108
  • Level 2 : 195
  • Level 2.5 - 3 : 215

Sailors death rate is proportional to the number of sailors you send out[edit]

  1. The more sailors you send means the more deaths and more re-supply trips but,
  2. Sending more means that you will get the log book faster
  3. In each level section there will be a suggested number of sailors to send.

Wear the right clothes[edit]

  1. Wearing Sailor Damage Reduced clothes can help decrease sailor deaths
  2. The voyage-type, the noble-type and the Navy-Rank type uniforms have the Sailor Damage Reduced stats

Store the log books on your ship first, then on your character[edit]

  1. The game puts the new log book in your character's article column every time.
  2. But, the Authenticator will authenticate the ones in your ship, too.
  3. To make sure you have room for a new log book : Every time you get a new one, move it to your ship immediately.

Repair your ship while discovering[edit]

  1. Sometimes you ship suffer damages when discovering. (Hull and Sails)
  2. If you have the Shipbuilding skill, use the Repair command icon (Ctrl+A -> Interaction Tab -> Repair Icon), then press Ctrl+Z, and click on your ship.

Check and clean up your ship's Goods column occasionally[edit]

  1. Sometimes during discovering you will gather fish basket.
  2. The Pirate Raiding ships can come after you.

Money management[edit]

  1. Heal and recruit sailors at the Tavern, it's much cheaper than doing it at the Docker.
  2. Buying Medic Kits can be expensive in the long run so collect them from Drifters every chance you get.