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For this quest you will have to meet Dagama (the authentificator) in Lisbon Port. He will tell you a few things. Here is a small situation : "I met Dagama in Lisbon who was leaving for the Cape of Good Hope to set up a new shipping line. He asked me to find a ship Builder Voller in hamburg to build a best ship for the voyage."

  1. Accept the task from Dagama.
  2. Give his letter to Voller in Hamburg city (9.5, 10.6)

But surprise, Voller's assistant is sick and Voller can't make the ship without his help. Here is a small description : "Because of his assistant's serious illness, Voller was unable to carry out the ship design, I promised to visit Arrigo in Tripoli to seek medicine for his assistant."

  1. Go see Arrigo in Tripoli's town (0.0, 7.5)
  2. He will give you a "Voller's Herbs", bring it to Voller.

When you will arrive there, Voller will tell you that his assistant woke up after you left. Do worry you didn't do that for nothing because you have to give the potion to Voller. This one will give you the "Drawing of sailing ship" that you have to bring back to Dagama.

"It will take 12 days to Dagama to get his ship" you will have to see him again in 12 days (4.8 hours = 4h48 in real life)

Voyage Experience Eloquence Experience Amity Time Other Reward
5,000,000 300,000 10 with The Kingdom of Portugal No limit Accurate Breech-loading Gun