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When you start to play at Voyage Century you start as a Commodore in one of these town : Alexander (Egypt) or Athens (Greece). You will quickly realize that you are almost only using your mouse. To move your character, right click somewhere on the ground to move him at that place. You can move the camera two ways : Click-hold somewhere on the screen and move your mouse, or move your mouse on sides of your screen. You can also use the big map that is available almost everywhere in the game. To use it do this shortcut : ctrl + M. Then right click to move your character.

Traveling by Boat[edit]

Build your ship[edit]

Sail away[edit]



Look at the lower right hand of your interface. You'll see the steering wheel with some weird numbers in the middle. The 6-Digits, tells you the date and time.

First 4 numbers tells the Date, in Month/Day format. the last 2 number shows you the hours of the day, in a 24-hour clock format.

Window Size[edit]

This game allow you to change the size of the game play window. You simply have to find a document called Core.INI. By default, it's located at : C:\Program Files\Voyage Century\voyage.

By default, the game size is 1024x800. What you need to do is find these two lines:

  • Screen_x = 1024
  • Screen_y = 800

Now you simply have to modify them to the size of your screen. For example:

  • Screen_x = 1280
  • Screen_y = 1024