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Scimitar Pirate (Stockholm fighting instructions)[edit]

In Stockholm city, you will found a lady call Goodall (-41.0 , 24.1). She tells you a story about her daughter and son-in-law who where killed by pirates. She tells you go get in the suburbs and found Tross.

Tross seems to be scare but he manage to tell you that you will need to be in team with other people. You will need to make a team of 4 people. Then he tells you to go farther in the suburbs and kill 30 of them including there leader. When this is over, go back to Goodall and she will reward you


  • Kill 30 Viking
  • Kill 1 Viking leader


Silver Reputation Sea Battle Voyage Amity Title
100,000 500 3,000 3,000 + 10 Swedish Kingdom Odin of God of War