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When entering each mode, except tournaments, you have to choose a Difficulty setting between 1 and 9 with the default being 5.

Primary mode Description Number of wrestlers on first side Number of wrestlers on second side Secondary mode
One on One One wrestler fights another 1 1 One Fall Brawl Tournament
Tag Team One wrestler fights another, while they can switch players with partners 1-2 1-2 One Fall Brawl Tournament
Bedlam Up to two wrestler at the same time can fight up to two more 1-2 1-2 One Fall Brawl Tournament
Survivor Series One wrestler fights another, while they can switch players with partners. But after being eliminated, their partners continue until none are left 1-4 1-4
Royal Rumble All players on their own, with up to 8 wrestlers simultaneously, with the goal to throw opponents outside over the ropes 1-4 (depending on number of human players) 8
Raw Endurance Match One wrestler fights another, but after an elimination another wrestler replaces the previous one until none are left 1-8 8

Secondary modes[edit]

  1. One Fall - a win is achieved after pinning the opponent for 3 seconds inside the ring or if the opponent stays outside the ring for 10 seconds.
  2. Brawl - a win is achieved when the opponent's energy bar is depleted, and illegal moves are allowed inside the ring.
  3. Tournament - each win advances the players into another match until all wrestlers are beaten.