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Note: for 6-button Genesis controllers, use X button for A button+C button, Y button for B button+C button, and Z button for A button+B button.

Genesis SNES Action
A button Y Button Run
B button B Button Punch
C button A Button Kick
B button+C button X Button (tap repeatedly) Tie-up
B button+C button (near head) X Button Pick up opponent on mat
B button B Button Dropkick (while running)
B button B Button Elbow Drop (opponent down on mat)
A button/B button/C button A Button/B Button/X Button/Y Button Senton bomb (while on turnbuckle)
B button A Button Body Splash (above opponent on mat)
C button A Button Stomp (below opponent on mat)
C button B Button Knee Drop (above opponent on mat)
B button B Button Running Elbow Drop (while running, opponent on mat)
B button+C button X Button Pin opponent (opponent on mat, near midsection)
A button+C button Y Button Cancel pin
A button+B button X Button Clothesline (vs. running opponent)
B button B Button Hip toss (vs. running opponent)
A button+B button (near) R Button Choke Hold (illegal)
A button+B button (at a distance) L Button Rake to the Eyes (illegal)
B button+C button (outside the ring) X Button Pick up steel chair (illegal)
A button/B button/C button Y Button/A Button/B Button Use steel chair (illegal)
B button Select Button Tag partner
Hold A button+Neutral dpad towards ropes Hold Y Button+Neutral Dpad towards ropes Climb into/out of ring