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Ending 1[edit]

Beating the last match in a 1-on-1 tournament makes Mean Gene get into the ring carrying the title belt. You are then shown a simulated cover of the WWF magazine with your wrestler on the front and the headline "New World's Champion".

Ending 2[edit]

The ending for the tag-team championship tournament is the same for the world title. This time, both members are on the cover and it says "New World Champions," as well as either "Exclusive results inside" or "More WWF action inside".

Ending 3[edit]

After the last opponent is thrown out of the Royal Rumble, you will see a screen showing a wrestler's name, the time he entered the match, who he was eliminated by (and @ what time) and who he eliminated (& times). Press Left or Right to scroll through each wrestler. The winner will also have the words "Rumble Champion" under their name.