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Pressing B button+C button (or Y button) on the Genesis or tapping X Button on the SNES will cause the wrestlers to grapple with each other in a standard collar-and-elbow tie-up position. An oval-shaped meter will then appear above the wrestlers. The half to the left represents Player 1 and the half to the right is Player 2. Rapidly pressing any button or buttons will fill up the meter towards that player's side. When the meter reaches a certain point, the following moves will be executed with the buttons indicated. Note that the computer is nearly unbeatable from the grapple, even as low as difficulty 3.

Genesis SNES Move
A button Y Button Irish Whip to ropes
A button Y Button Hiptoss out of ring (near the ropes)
A button+C button L Button Atomic Drop
A button+B button R Button Backbreaker
B button B Button Bodyslam
C button A Button Headbutt
C button A Button Break Tie-up (if opponent initiated the Tie-up)
B button+C button X Button Vertical Suplex