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"The Rock" Rocky Maivia.

Ring introductions[edit]

  • "Rocky's change of attitude may do him some good here in the WWF."
  • "Rocky Maivia - the first 3rd generation superstar in the WWF."
  • "You have to be impressed with this rookie sensation."
  • "Rocky Maivia is a former college football standout."
  • "He is a student of the game and he is really learning his craft."
  • "It's such a radical change for this young man."


  • Regular Outfit: Black trunks.
  • Alternate Outfit (L2 button): Navy blue trunks.


  • Taunt Pose 1: Points at opponent.
  • Taunt Pose 2: Slow-motion bicep flex.
  • Taunt Phrase 1: "Smell what the Rock is cookin'?"
  • Taunt Phrase 2: "Don't sing it, bring it."


  • "Layin' the smack-down!"
  • "The Rock's gonna lay the smack-down on your ignorant ass!"
  • "You just hit Rock Bottom!"
  • "So long, jabroni, the Rock is gonna end it quick."

Signature moves[edit]

Opponent standing:
(Standing) Front Face DDT - L,R,P
(Standing) Drop Toe Hold - D,D,K
(Standing) Hurricanrana - L,R,U,K
(Standing) Headlock Takedown - L,L,TU
(Standing) Japanese Arm Drag - D,D,P
(Standing) Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex - L,U,TU
(Standing) Samoan Drop - L,U,P
(Standing) Side Belly to Belly Suplex - L,D,K
(Standing) Short Arm Clothesline - U,U,TU
(Standing) Shoulder Breaker - L,D,P
(Standing) Spinebuster - U,D,P
(Standing) Layin' the Smack Down - L,R,U,P
(Standing) @Rock Bottom - L,L,U,P+TU
(Tie Up) Arm Drag - K
(Tie Up) Shoulder Breaker - P
(Tie Up) DDT - TU
(Tie Up) Side Belly to Belly Suplex - L,K
(Tie Up) Inverted Atomic Drop - L,P
(Tie Up) Sidewalk Slam - L,TU
(Tie Up) Double Underhook Suplex - L,D,K
(Tie Up) Brainbuster - L,R,P
(Tie Up) Piledriver - U,D,TU
(Behind) *Cross Face Chicken Wing - P/K/TU
(Behind) Pump Handle Slam - L,L,K
(Behind) Reverse DDT - L,L,P
(Behind) +Victory Roll - L,L,TU
(Behind) Belly to Back Suplex - L,U,R,TU
(Running) Dropkick - K
(Running) Clothesline - P
(Running) +Crucifix - TU
(Running) Hurricanrana - P+TU
(Vs. Run) Dropkick - K
(Vs. Run) Back Body Drop - P
(Vs. Run) Powerslam - TU
(Vs. Run) Hurricanrana - U,K

Opponent on ground:
(Standing) Leg Drop - K (at side)
(Standing) Stomp - K
(Standing) Falling headbutt - D,K
(Standing) Splash - D,P
(Standing) Fist Drop - P
(Running) Leg Drop - K (at side)
(Running) Knee Drop - K/P
(Running) Splash - TU

Opponent on ground, Holds:
(Feet) Elbow Drop to Leg - L,L,K
(Feet) *Spinning Toe Hold - L,R,K
(Feet) **Inverted STF - U,D,K
(Feet) **STF - U,D,U,K
(Head) *Arm Wrench - L,L,P
(Head) *Reverse Chinlock - L,R,P
(Head) **Short Arm Scissors - U,D,P

Opponent stunned in corner:
(Front) Boot Choke - K
(Front) Turnbuckle Punches - P
(Front) Splash - TU
(Front) Flying Head Scissors - L,L,K
(Front) Swinging DDT - L,L,P
(Front) Belly to Belly Suplex - L,L,TU
(Front) Hurricanrana - L,R,U,K
(Front) Top Rope Superplex - L,U,R,P
(Running) Avalanche - P/K/TU

Player on turnbuckle:
(Opp. on Ground) Elbow Drop - P/K/TU
(Opp. on Ground) Fist Drop - P+TU
(Opp. on Ground) Knee Drop - K+BL
(Opp. on Ground) Splash - L,L,P+K
(Opp. Standing) Dropkick - P/K/TU
(Opp. Standing) Clothesline - K+BL
(Opp. Standing) Shoulder Tackle - P+TU
(Opp. Standing) Body Press - U,L,TU+BL