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Box artwork for Wacko.
Developer(s)Bally Midway
Publisher(s)Bally Midway
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Multi-directional shooter
Mode(s)Single player, Multiplayer
TwitchWacko Channel
YouTube GamingWacko Channel

Wacko marquee

Wacko is a multi-directional shooter arcade game, that was released by Bally Midway in 1982; it runs on their MCR-2 hardware, and the player must use a trackball to control "Kapt. Krooz'r" (from Kozmik Krooz'r) with a 4-way joystick to make him fire shots at more enemies. There are six different types of enemies - and on later rounds, you will have to kill them in pairs because they will get mixed up if you do not, and you shall have to shoot them again to change them back to the way they were. Each pair of enemies shall then revert to babies; once they have been shot again, they shall revert to eggs and once you've shot them for a third time they shall revert to bats. Once you have shot them for a fourth time, they'll disappear - and once you've killed all the enemies on a round, you'll proceed to the next.

This game was originally going to star a wizard firing at animals, but the Midway executives thought it was too "cute" and needed an edge; the cabinet is also sloped, as the marquee and control panel are set at an angle. Instead of being the same height upon both sides, the right side is three inches lower than the left - and the trackball had to be put in upside-down to work properly. The fact that this is the only arcade game to have a sloped cabinet and control panel has also remained for over thirty years.

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