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Box artwork for Wai Wai Mahjong.
Box artwork for Wai Wai Mahjong.
Wai Wai Mahjong
Developer(s)Video System
Publisher(s)Video System
Year released1989
System(s)PC Engine
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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Wai Wai Mahjong, fully titled Wai Wai Mahjong: Yukai na Jantomi-tachi (わいわい麻雀 ゆかいな雀友たち? Wai Wai Mahjong Happy Sparrow Friends) is a Mahjong game developed and published by Video System in 1989 exclusively for the PC Engine. The player plays against various cartoonish opponents including a racing car driver and a nun. The game is one-on-one (unlike actual Mahjong which is generally played with four players) due to the limitations of Mahjong simulators during that era. Wai Wai Mahjong is the second Mahjong game for the PC Engine (after Sengoku Mahjong) and was only released in Japan.

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