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Black Rock Spire stands before us! The skies above the reeking swamp fill with the gathering thunderheads that spell doom for the loser in this final confrontation. Tension hangs like a heavy cloak on your shoulders as your troops prepare for the battle ahead. Above the din and chaos that swirls about the battlefield stands the Castle of Blackhand, its gaze sweeping down upon the battlefield where the destiny of the land will be decided. Destroy the stronghold and those who would seek to defend it, and Azeroth will be freed from Blackhand's poisoned grip forever!
Map Start New
Human Enemy
Warcraft Map Human12.png
1500 Lumber
1500 Gold
  • Town Hall
  • Road (21)
  • Farm (4)
  • Barracks
  • Lumber Mill
  • Peasant (4)
  • Footman
  • Archer (3)
  • Cleric
  • Knight (3)
  • Catapult (2)
  • Conjurer
  • Healing
  • Far Seeing
  • Invisibility
  • Minor Summoning
  • Rain of Fire
  • Major Summoning
  • Black Rock Spire
  • Town Hall (2)
  • Walls
  • Farm (18)
  • Barracks (5)
  • Lumber Mill (3)
  • Temple (4)
  • Blacksmith (3)
  • Kennel (3)
  • Tower (3)
  • Grunt
  • Spearman (36)
  • Necrolyte (4)
  • Raider (21)
  • Catapult (2)
  • Warlock
Black Rock Spire
You are victorious!
The fall of Black Rock Spire spelled final victory for the forces of Azeroth. With Blackhand slain and their stronghold destroyed, the few scattered Orcs that remained were quick to bow before your might. A celebration ensued that lasted for many days and nights, with music and joyous festivities resounding throughout the land. The people of the kingdom have come from miles around to gather at Stormwind Keep, and are delighted by a display of mystic sights and sounds provided by the court conjurers while being treated to a feast of unequaled splendor. Amidst this celebration, your ascension to the throne is acknowledged by your new subjects, and you are given the honorarium Defender of the Crown. As the evening's celebration continues into the early hours of morning, you retire to the sanctity of your throne room...
Defender of the Crown
The duty of ruling Azeroth is an awesome responsibility, and should prove to be your greatest challenge yet. Learning the intricacies of court politics alone will be like sailing in uncharted waters. King Llane was renowned for ruling with a fair and just hand, and you resolve to be as proficient as he was. There is also the matter of discovering the exact location where the Orcish hordes entered into this world, and divining a way to end the threat of another invasion forever - but that is a story for another time...