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You have tasted victory, and the craving for more is upon you. It is clear that one decisive blow to the Humans will make the total and complete domination of this race a simple matter. Your spies have gathered intelligence that points to an encampment near the center of the Human lands where their knights and soldiers are sent to train. Although they will not be expecting an attack, they should prove a good fight. The destruction of this site would greatly weaken their forces, and etch your position as War Chief in stone. None shall survive!
Map Start New
Orc Enemy
Warcraft Map Orc10.png
  • Grunt (10)
  • Spearman (10)
  • Necrolyte (4)
  • Raider (5)
  • Catapult (4)
  • Warlock (4)
  • Raise Dead
  • Dark Vision
  • Minor Summoning
  • Cloud of Poison
  • Town Hall
  • Walls
  • Farm (6)
  • Barracks (2)
  • Lumber Mill
  • Church
  • Blacksmith
  • Stables
  • Tower
  • Peasant (4)
  • Footman (4)
  • Archer (5)
  • Cleric (2)
  • Knight (3)
  • Conjurer (2)