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As a test of your abilities, the King has appointed you as Regent over a small parcel of land. Since we must keep our armies in the field well supplied, you are to build the town into a farming center of no less then 6 farms. Construction of a barracks for defense is also advised, as our scouts have reported Orc patrols in the area.
Map Start New
Human Enemy
Warcraft Map Human1.png
400 Lumber
1000 Gold
  • Town Hall
  • Road (11)
  • Farm
  • Peasant
  • Footman (3)
  • Grunt (5)
  • Spearman (3)
  • Road
  • Farm
  • Barracks
  • Peasant
  • Footman

Building the five remaining Farms and a Barracks will cost 2000 Lumber and 3100 Gold in total. The nearest Gold Mine, east of your Town Hall, has 3000 Gold left, so it's possible to achieve this without needing another Gold Mine if you only train two more Peasants. None of the Orcs attack unless approached, so only move your Peasants to mine Gold to the east, and harvest Lumber to the northeast.

Select your Peasant to build a second Farm, and select your Town Hall to train a second Peasant. Once completed, select both to mine Gold until you can train a third Peasant, then select two to harvest Lumber: the east Gold Mine is so close that a single Peasant should be able to mine all but 100 Gold before the other two harvest 1700 Lumber to build the remaining Farms and a Barracks. Once all necessary Gold has been mined, select that Peasant to build.

While you wait for your Peasants to supply sufficient Lumber and Gold, you could do nothing (except perhaps open the Main Menu, select Options and increase Game Speed to Fastest) or you can select your three Footmen and send them on a search and destroy mission. All three will almost certainly be destroyed before they destroy every Orc, but they should be able to find and secure Gold Mines further to the north- and southwest of your Town Hall without loss.

Arrange the three Footmen in a line perpendicular to the direction in which they move and attack. The Gold Mine to the southwest is only guarded by a Grunt, so move down the road to the southwest and attack and destroy him when attacked. The northwest Gold Mine isn't closely guarded (a Peasant can move between it and your Town Hall without the Orcs intervening), but to be completely safe, move in single file through the trees to the north of the southwest Gold Mine to destroy the Grunt guarding the north road, then move northeast to destroy the Grunt between the trees to the northwest of your Town Hall. The Spearman to the west of the northwest Gold Mine is too far away to become aware of any mining Peasants, but could also be destroyed without loss.

The Gold Mine to the southeast is more heavily guarded, by a Grunt on the left and a Spearman on the right: destroy the Grunt first to improve the chances of none of your Footmen being destroyed. The last remaining Spearman guards the southwest road, while the last remaining Grunt is to the southeast of your Town Hall, between the lakeside and the trees. If you want to destroy them all, make sure a Barracks has been built first so that more Footmen can be trained to replace any destroyed, and that you have secured another Gold Mine to pay for them.