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Special Units Cho'gall
New Units
New Enemy Units none
  1. Escort Cho'gall to the Circle of Power
Map WCII 1orc6.jpg
Doomhammer has sent word that the Ogre-Mage Cho'gall, chieftain of the Twilight's Hammer Clan, is personally inspecting the Refinery at Grim Batol. Cho'gall and his convoy will be traveling through the badlands of Khaz Modan, and an ambush by Stromgarde warriors is expected. The War Chief expects you to safeguard Cho'gall and his minions through this region. Should he die, your life will be forfeit as well...


The importance of this mission earned Urok's commander the use of a powerful army, which they assembled before setting out southward along the coastline. Cho'gall and the catapults remained in the rear; the other troops led the way for them. Occasionally Cho'gall would create floating eyes to inspect of them. Soon, they came to the first human defensive wall.

The catapults were brought to the front and trained on the enemy ballista behind the wall. With that threat removed, the troops set about knocking down a section of wall to slaughter the other defenders. They were constantly ordering them to return to the main group, for their bloodlust kept leading them inland to alarm more enemies. Continuing south along the coast, they encountered a second group of enemies with destroyers close by, so they gutted the humans before sinking the ships with their catapults.

With their goal in view to the east, they ripped apart a final large group of humans before they marched in and claimed the village for themselves. It was almost too easy. After Cho'gall had made contact with higher powers on the Circle, their bloodthirsty and frustrated troops were released to wreak havoc wherever they wished. Many did not return.


Just take Cho'gall, and hurry along the south shore of the map. There are no walls to stop you. Just some footmen here and there, and don't get too close to the waters because there might be a few destroyers there. You can finish this mission in a minute with just rushing Cho'gall to the circle of power without stopping, footmen will not be able to catch up to his speed and you should ignore all enemies, and the only damage he might take is at the very end of the scenario, because there are a few archers guarding the opening to the orcish base.