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To activate these cheats, press Enter during gameplay and type in the following phrases.

Effect Code
12,000 gold and 6500 lumber glittering prizes
5000 oil valdez
5000 oil spycob
Reveal map on screen
Chop trees in two swings hatchet
Build structures quickly make it so
Research all magic abilities every little thing she does
Research all upgrades deck me out
Skip current mission tigerlily
Instant victory it is a good day to die
Instant victory unite the clans
Instant loss you pitiful worm
Surrender a multiplayer game allowsync
Continue playing after victory or loss never a winner
Change background music
If playing the expansion, strange music is played
Unknown territory will occasionally flash red in the minimap netprof
Display "Go Bruins!" at bottom of screen ucla
Display "FIEF" at bottom of screen day