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These are the controls to Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. This includes hotkeys for the controls

Basic Keys

Button What it does Shortkey
Move Button Moves the selected unit M Key
Attack Button* Unit selected attacks the selected target. A Key
Stop Button Stops the task the selected unit is/was doing. S Key
Harvest Button Harvests the selected target (Oil, Lumber, or Gold) H Key
B Button Shows the Peons/Peasant's basic build menu B Key
V Button Shows the Peons/Peasant's advanced build menu V Key
  • To all units but Oil Tanker and Transport

Advanced Keys These are keys for advanced tasks, like spells.

Button What it does Hotkey
Holy Vision Key* Allows a Paladin to see through fog of war without going to the position. V Key
Healing Key** Heals the selected target, on Paladin H Key
  • Human Spells
    • Orcish Spells