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Type the following codes into the chat window and then press enter to receive their effects.

Cheat Effect
tenthleveltaurenchieftain Plays a special song (Expansion only)
warpten Everything is researched and built extremely quickly (almost instantaneously)
iocanepowder Fast Death & Decay
whosyourdaddy # God Mode and 1 hit kills
keysersoze # Gives to all players a specified amount of gold.
leafittome # Gives to all players a specified amount of lumber.
greedisgood # Gives to all players a specified amount of gold and lumber.
pointbreak Disables the food cap.
thereisnospoon Infinite Mana and removes Mana requirement
strengthandhonor Disables defeat condition
motherland [race] [level] Level Jump
somebodysetupusthebomb Instant defeat
allyourbasearebelongtous Instant victory
whoisjohngalt All abilities researched
sharpandshiny Increases upgrades by 1
iseedeadpeople Reveals the entire map, but does not reveal invisible units.
synergy Disable tech tree requirements
riseandshine Set time to dawn
lightsout Set time to dusk
daylightsavings # Changes the time of day to the specified value.

Other cheats[edit]

  • Continuously click on a critter to cause it to explode.