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  • order all peasants to mine gold, the second one back gets to build an alter, the 3rd back makes a farm
  • then make 7 more peasants, have the farm peasant make another farm, order the alter peasant to chop wood, the next 2 created peaseants go to gold, then the rest to wood
  • make your 1st hero the AM and get water elemental, then have 4 wood peasants call to arms and make an elemental, move to the closest gold mine quickly, summon a second elemental and atk
  • clear the creeps and have 2 peasants build a second town center, the other 2 back to wood, after the 7th peasant is done, upgrade to keep and build 2 arcane sanctums. have the 2 peasants from the second mine do gold and make 3 more for a total of 5 on both mines. then start building a paladin and some sorceresses and priests while teching to castle and upgrading priests to inner fire.
  • after u clear the second mine, you should be creeping as much as possible