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Following the mysterious Prophet's instructions, Thrall led the Horde across the Great Sea. Now, after weeks traversing the raging seas, the orcish Horde has landed upon the savage shores of Kalimdor. With their stolen ships broken and drowned, the orcs cautiously venture inland, wary of the unseen dangers lurking within the crags of the desolate land...

Mission Objectives[edit]

Main Quest - Rally the Horde
Descover where the other ships have landed
Thrall must survive
Main Quest - Protect Cairne
Follow Cairne to the Tauren village
Protect Cairne from his enemies
Cairne Bloodhoof must survive
Thrall Must survive


This is an easy scenario, especially when compared to the recent debacle.

You can find far more items than you can actually use, especially if you decide to investigate the map completely, so be prepared to leave a bunch of loot behind.

Although this walkthrough tells you where everything is, you probably want to search the map with a systematic process.


Start by chopping open the boxes at your start location to gain a Potion of Mana.

Now move Thrall and his forces to the north. Here Thrall will find a group of Murlocs and a forked road by the first wrecked ship. Thrall could make short work of the Murlocs by using the Chain Lightning attack, but this group is so weak that you shouldn't use your major spell on them. At this point in his career, it costs Thrall a lot to use it, and mana doesn't grow on trees. At the forked road, continue traveling north until you encounter a second group of Murlocs. Kill them, pick up the Healing Wards, then backtrack to the forked road and continue by taking the road on the right.

Just before hitting the ruined camp, Thrall will find a box containing a Scroll of Protection; take it and continue north past that camp. Here Thrall and his troops find a three-on-one fight! Thrall attempts to save the bull creature, but fails. (You will not be able to save any of the Tauren in these fights.) Backtrack to the camp and travel east until you run into a camp of Quillboars. Kill them, take the Healing Wards, then run south until you reach another camp of Quillboars and two captured Troll Headhunters. A Potion of Mana will drop after killing the Quillboars and the two Troll Headhunters will join Thrall's party. Thrall's pocketses are now full.

If you examine the map carefully, you will see that you have bypassed an unexplored area that can actually be reached by a narrow path. Head down there and all the way to the end. Kill the baby dragons that you find there and chop open a box for a Ring of Protection +1. Oh, but you can't carry it! At this point, depending on Thrall's status, and if you haven't already done so, you might as well cash in one of your mana potions, or you should set up a system of item caches.

Now go back north and then head east to the only exit from this area.

After travelling east a bit, Thrall will find more Tauren fighting. After trying to save them, Thrall's efforts are still in vain. Keep on heading east until Thrall finds three more of his crew. From this point, move SE to the small peninsula on the bay, where you find a Lion's Ring (+1 agility) in a box. Continue by heading NW until you see a fork in the road. Go north and kill the two Lizards and take the Potion of Mana, then backtrack to the fork and go west and keep on following the path to the north and around the mountain until you reach the Fountain of Health. Drag the defenders away from it in order to kill them more easily. This is a good place to establish an item cache. With healing now readily available, you don't need to carry the Healing Wards around any more. If you've actually used them, you should probably be practicing tactics more. You will be needing these later. Heal the troops.

When you came along the path to the health fountain, you saw a bunch of Centaurs running by below, as on a conveyor belt. Window dressing.

Now examine the map carefully. You are about to head into a new area of the map, but you haven't fully explored the previous area. Go back and investigate everything. There is a Harpy group that will gift you with a Scroll of the Beast, not that it really matters. There is a Murloc group that doesn't give you any birthday presents. There is another Tauren that you can try and fail to save. Other than that, you are ready to move on.

From the health fountain, continue on the main path until you come to another fork. There are three more Harpies to the north in this area, on the far side of the cliff. Drag them towards you in case they drop something useful (they don't). From the fork, go north to the camp of Murlocs, kill them, and pick up and use the Manuel of Health. Backtrack to the fork. Before you go south to find meet three more of Thrall's crew, go west to a Razormane camp. There is a Wand of Lightning Shield in a hut. Regroup your forces. This is a really good time to save the game.

Now go to link up with the final group of your crew. After speaking to them for a bit, you will be ambushed by more Marauders. Run away! You can kill them all easily enough, but we want you to run away from this area. If the Marauders follow you, which they will, kill them.

Now sneak your forces forward carefully. Chop open a box to find a Potion of Healing. Keep inching forward until you see the Centaur leader. Save the game again. You should have 5 grunts, 7 trolls, and a whole bunch of items. Kill the Centaur leader to activate a cut scene introducing Cairne Bloodhoof.

After the cut scene, a hidden path to Cairne's base will appear. Cairne heads off to his base, which is apparently going to be attacked soon, and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to keep him alive. BIG SPOILER: Don't accept. It turns out that, as long as you stay away from Cairne's base, it doesn't get attacked.

Instead, clear out the large camp of Murlocs in the SE corner of the map. In this area, you can find a Health Stone, a Periapt of Vitality (+ 100 HP while carried), and a Potion of Mana.

Now head back to where you found the last three crew members. Organize all your items at this point. What you should take with you to the next scenario is: definitely both sets of Healing Wards, the Periapt of Vitality, the two rings, and the Health Stone, the last three based on the principle that continuous-use items are better than single-use items. Save the game.

Now you can have some fun with all the unexplored and inaccessible areas in the west of the map. You should have levelled up by now, so you can take Far Sight, burn all your mana potions, and keep reloading the save file until you have revealed all those areas. Or not, because there's nothing there! Of course, when you're done with that, you actually want to take Feral Spirit.

Now go and meet up with Cairne.

After meeting with Cairne, Thrall and Cairne will have to fend off a few waves of the Centaur. Don't use any of your inventory! If your tactics are good, you shouldn't lose a lot of units, and the mission will never really be at risk anyway, but losing troops is irrelevant to the campaign. After some effort, Thrall and Cairne will finally overcome the Centaur waves and complete the main quest.

And then you move on ...


  • Potion of Mana, unguarded, at start
  • Healing Wards, in Murloc camp
  • Scroll of Protection, unguarded
  • Healing Wards, from Quillboars
  • Potion of Mana, from Quillboar prison camp
  • Ring of Protection +1, guarded by dragons
  • Lion's Ring +1 agility, unguarded
  • Potion of Mana, guarded by big, scaly, green things
  • Scroll of the Beast, held by Harpies
  • Manuel of Health +50 HP, in a Murloc camp
  • Wand of Lightning Shield, near end of first mission
  • Potion of Healing, unguarded, just before end of first mission
  • Health Stone, in SE area
  • Periapt of Vitality (+ 150 HP while carried), in SE area
  • Potion of Mana, in SE area