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Orcish buildings are known to house spiked barricades; melee attackers take slight damage when trying to smash them.

  • Great Hall/Stronghold/Fortress: The central base building.
  • Altar of Storms: Summons Orcish and Tauren Heroes.
  • Barracks: Trains Grunts and Headhunters and builds catapults.
  • War Mill: Provides upgrades for melee and ranged units (but not magic). Serves as a drop-off point for lumber, and provides upgrades for spiked barricades and reinforced defences.
  • Tauren Totem: Trains Tauren, and their pulverize upgrade.
  • Spirit Lodge: Trains Shamen, and Troll Witch Doctors. Also gives upgrades for these units.
  • Beastiary: Trains Raiders, Kodo Beasts, and Wyverns.
  • Orc Burrow: Provides food for your forces. If you are attacked, you can call Peons to enter the burrows to assist in defense.
  • Watch Tower: Defensive structure. Or offensive, depending on how you use it. Costs significantly less than the average Tower.