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  1. Get all peons except one to mine gold, and have the last one build an Altar.
  2. Get three more peons, rally the first one to mine gold and pick another peon to build a Burrow near the mine.
  3. Rally the second peon to build Barracks and a third to cut wood.
  4. Once the altar is done, get a peon to cut wood and get a Farseer with Spirit Wolves.
  5. Get a peon from the Burrow and Barracks to chop wood.
  6. Get one peon from the wood crew to make a War Mill and build 2 grunts and 2 HH.
  7. Start creeping the green location with Spirit Wolves. Kill the weak creeps with Wolves, meanwhile get one peon from mining gold to make a Voodoo Lounge.
  8. Get the peons back to chopping wood once they are done, except one to scout. Once he figures out the location of the enemy mine, have him build a Barracks and an Altar near the enemy mine slightly hidden.
  9. Get the Farseer to creep a bit and if there's a Goblin Lab get a Goblin Tree Cutter or something else.
  10. Tech to tier two, creep a bit more, at tier 2 get a TC and Demolishers with a couple of more HH and grunts. Keep a ratio of 3:2 with grunts to HH.
  11. Get armour up to level 2 and get research on ranged weapons, along with Berserker and Troll Regeneration.
  12. Get TC to get Warstomp and get Farseer at level 3 with Lightning Bolt and level 2 Spirit Wolves. Get three Demolishers, 8 grunts, 12 HH and crash the party at the Night Elf camp.
  13. You'll encounter tough resistance from Night Elf hero, but your forces should suffice.