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The Orcish Horde possesses Warcraft III's most powerful ground units.


  • Blademaster: An agile hero. Attacks land units (Melee).
    • Wind Walk: Turns the Blademaster invisible for a short period of time. Also boosts running speed.
    • Mirror Image: Creates up to 3 illusory images of the Blademaster, depending on the level. When cast, this will also remove any spell effects currently on the Blademaster, good or bad.
    • Critical Strike: (Passive) Gives a chance to deal extra damage with each melee attack.
    • Bladestorm: (Ultimate) A whirlwind attack that damages all nearby land enemy units, during which time the Blademaster is immune to all spells.
  • Farseer: Intelligence-based hero. Attacks land and air units (Ranged)
    • Farsight: Reveals portion of the map for a period of time, also reveals invisible units. Higher levels increase the size revealed
    • Chain Lighting:Strikes unit with lighting damage, which then targets other nearby enemy units in succession for less damage. Higher levels increases amount of initial damage and number of units the lighting can "chain-hit".
    • Summon Wolves: Summons wolves to help attack enemies. Higher levels provide HP/Damage increase to summons, and later grant Critical Strike and Meld abilities.
    • Earthquake: (Ultimate) Summons an earthquake to occur in target area, greatly reducing speed of all units in that area, and dealing high damage to buildings. Channelling ability.
  • Tauren Chieftain: Strength-based hero. Attacks land units (Melee)
    • Shockwave: Sends damaging wave down a linear path. Higher levels increase damage dealt by wave.
    • Warstomp: Stomps the ground, dealing damage in area around the Tauren Chieftain and stunning affect units for a brief period of time. Higher levels increase damage and length of stun.
    • Endurance Aura: (Passive Aura) Provides bonus increase to movement speed and attack speed. Higher levels increase AOE and provided bonus.
      • Can be used to make Peons harvest gold/lumber faster
    • Reincarnation: (Ultimate)(Passive) Revives the Tauren Chieftain with full health after he is killed, requires high cooldown between uses.


  • Peon : Basic worker unit. Attacks land units (Melee). Can harvest resources and construct buildings. Can be upgraded with Pillage ability
    • Can be placed within Burrows for defense when under attack
  • Grunt: Primary attack unit. Attacks land units (Melee). Can be upgraded with Pillage ability and HP/damage bonus.
  • Troll Headhunter/Berserker's: Attacks land/air units (Ranged). Can be upgraded with Troll Regneration (increased HP regen) and Berserker upgrade (grants ability to attack faster at cost of reduced defense)
  • Raider: Attacks land units (Melee). Can be upgraded with Pillage ability and Ensnare ability
    • Deals siege damage, making it ideal for building attacks, but does poorly in engaging other units.
  • Shaman: Attacks land/air units (Ranged). Spellcaster unit, can learn spells Lighting Shield and Bloodlust. Can be upgraded twice to improve health/mana pool/mana regeneration
    • Purge: Dispels all negative/positive buffs/effects on target unit, also greatly reduces speed for a period
    • Lighting Shield: Creates rotating shield of lighting balls around target unit, causing damage to nearby units.
      • Makes no distinction between enemy or friend; can be used offensively against enemy clusters.
    • Bloodlust: (Autocast) Increases attack speed of target friendly unit for a period of time. Also causes unit to increase in size, though this effect is only cosmetic.
  • Witch Doctor: Spellcaster unit. Attacks land/air units (Ranged). Can learn spells Stasis Ward and Healing Ward. Can be upgraded twice to improve health/mana pool/mana regeneration.
    • Observer Ward: Sets a stationary invisible ward that reveals surrounding area
    • Stasis Ward: Sets a trap ward that stuns enemy units when set off
    • Healing Ward: Sets a healing ward that dramatically increases health regeneration of nearby friendly units
  • Catapult: Siege unit. Attacks land units (Ranged, cannot attack units close to it). Used primarily for attacking buildings. Can be upgraded with Burning Oil ability
  • Wind Rider: Flying unit. Attacks land/air units (Ranged). Can learn Poison spears.
  • Tauren: Heavy melee unit. Attacks land units (Melee). Able to learn Pulverize.
    • Pulverize: Gives the chance for an attack to deal AOE damage.
  • Kodo Beast: Support unit. Attacksland/air units (Ranged).
    • Devour: Consumes enemy non-Hero unit; slowly digests until unit is killed. If the Kodo Beast is killed before this occurs, trapped unit is freed.
    • War Drums: (Passive) Increases overall damage of nearby friendly units.
  • Bats: Air unit.. Great for harassment and AA... Liquid fire stops workers from repairing buildings