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Necropolis/Halls of the Dead/Black Citadel[edit]

The central base building. Produces Acolytes, the Undead worker units, although they cannot harvest lumber. Has a nasty defensive bite.


Provides food. Has a nasty defensive bite, although it isn't very durable.

Altar of Darkness[edit]

Produces Heroes.


Provides upgrades. Continually spawns corpses around itself to be used by Meat Wagons and Necromancers and Ghouls. Also used as lumber drop-off.


Produces the early Undead combat units - Ghouls and Crypt Fiends.


Produces Abominations (big melee units) and Meat Wagons (artillery and corpse transports).

Temple of the Damned[edit]

Trains Necromancers and Banshees, the Undead spell-casters. Can upgrade their abilities here.

Sacrificial Pit[edit]

Used to convert Acolytes to Shades.


Trains Frost Wyrms (big honking air units). They might be big, but they can be killed very quickly by proper anti-air tactics. You can upgrade their breath attack here.