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Mission Objectives[edit]

Main Quest – Archimonde
Kel'Thuzad must survive for 30 minutes
Optional Quest-Goblin Land Mines
Acquire the Goblin Land Mines

Starting Units[edit]

You start with 5 Crypt Fiends, 4 Ghouls chopping wood, 8 Acolytes 3 of which are idle and Arthas. Kel'Thuzad is not available as a playable character in this mission.

Defend Kel'Thuzad[edit]

The Archmage to the north of Kel'Thuzad.

This mission will keep you on your toes; you will be attacked from 3 sides and all 3 sides must be defended and reinforced constantly or you will not survive. Keep your units healed, make lots of Spirit Towers to help with the defenses and upgrade everything to the maximum. To the north of where Kel'Thuzad is summoning is the point that needs to be reinforced the most as it will be the one that is attacked the most. A good strategy for defending this point would be to build a line of 5 Spirit Towers and then a line of 3 directly behind it with a couple units around it to deal with Mortar Teams and Steam Tanks. You should do this for the northern and eastern sides as well as having land mines from your optional quest laid down.

Make sure that you have plenty of units on hand to defend Kel'Thuzad. Every couple of minutes you will be sent hell hounds or infernals from the legion to help you. Keep your towers' health full for as long as you can and you should be able to keep them at bay for the required 30 minuets.

The guard towers used to protect the gate.

There is a lone Archmage to the north of Kel'Thuzad that you can kill that drops a ring of protection +5. In his tent there's a Tome of Strength +2 hidden. Also in the north-eastern part of the map there is an item cache like in the previous level; only it will take a bit of stealth to get too. Train 4 Frost Wyrms and use one of your shades to go north-east to find the gate you need to take. It is guarded by Dalaran Guard Towers. Use your Frost Wyrms to destroy the two closest to the gate on the left and right of the gate. Further in towards the north-east you should find another pair of guard towers that will need to be destroyed using your Frost Wyrms. Once you get to the platform where the cache is you will need to destroy 2 more guard towers on the south end of the platform. When this is done go to the goblin laboratory and hire a zeppelin to fly a group of units of your choosing to where your frost wyrms should by waiting.


Follow the path you made for your frost wyrms and you should have no trouble getting to the cache but make sure your zeppelin does not get destroyed otherwise you will have to try and destroy an enemy base that is heavily fortified. Once you kill the units that are present destroy the cache to reveal a medallion of courage, which adds 4 points to the heroes' strength and intelligence, and a scepter of mastery that lets you control 1 non-hero unit.


  • Ring of Protection +5
  • Book of Strength +2
  • Medallion of Courage
  • Scepter of Mastery
  • Goblin Land Mines (x4)
  • Scroll of Healing (SE corner of map in Gnoll hut, on ridge requiring zeppelin)