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You start in a base with 5w mining and a few on lumber. Build up base make sure you haye a army of 30 food not included wisps. Build 4 ancient protectors near the water to the north of tree of life. Build lots of moonwells for moonjuice. Uprade tree as soon as possible. Build 2 of every unit producing building -ancient of war. Make sure maive has several moon stones from shop. Go to the right with army (35-45 without wisps) and kill creeps. Teleport maive to reach the items and possibly kill the big creep that ran away. Go back to base. Make sure to keep eye on attacking creeps. Have wisps heal 4 Ancient Protectors. Upgrade everything. Dont go over low upkeep. Wait for attack from west. Then take entire army to the ships south of base. go to center west of map and destroy creep base. Set up expansion to mine gold. Build 5 moonwells for moonjuice. Mine gold. Heal an increase army size. take everbody to topcenter and destroy other creep base. Go back to expansion. heal up. Go to 100 food. Attack top right. Use druids rejuvination and roar. Defeat the naga!!!