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Controls[edit | edit source]

  • Joystick: Use the joystick or direction pad to control Dover. Press left or right to make him run in either direction. Press down to make him squat low to the ground or climb down a ladder or vine. Press up to make him climb up a ladder or vine.
  • Fire: Press the fire button to make Dover shoot out a fireball. The fireball will behave according to whichever weapon Dover currently has activated.
  • Jump: Press the jump button to make Dover jump into the air. Dover will jump the same height regardless of how long the button is pressed.

Dover[edit | edit source]

You control Dover, the main character, throughout the game. Dover is on a quest to rescue his girlfriend from the evil wizard Wardner. To do this, Dover must make his way through six stages in an effort to reach and battle Wardner. Dover has two abilities: the ability to throw fireballs and the ability to jump. Jumping will help him leap over hurdles and reach new heights. The fireballs that Dover throws are not only his best offense, but also his best defense against the strange creatures that he will encounter throughout his quest. Dover begins the game with the regular fireball which travels out a short distance before falling to the ground. Between the first four stages, Dover will have the opportunity to spend some of the money he has obtained on new fire weapons that change the behavior of the fireballs. Dover cannot sustain contact with any enemy unless he is wearing a cloak, or survive landing on ground that isn't solid. He will also lose a life if you allow time to run out before completing the level. Dover begins the game with two extra lives. It is possible to obtain extra lives by achieving particular scores. When all of his lives are lost, the player will be given the opportunity to continue wherever Dover last perished.

Items[edit | edit source]

Many items are purchased through the shop, while other items are only found scattered through particular levels.

Money bag Treasure chest
Collect money bags from defeated enemies. Each money bag gives you 50 pieces of gold.
Treasure chests are scattered throughout various locations in each stage. Collecting them gives you a varied amount of gold.
Small crystal Large crystal
Small crystals are left behind by some defeated enemies. If you manage to collect 16 of them, your magic power level will increase by one, and you will be able to throw another blast of fire at one time, up to a maximum of eight.
Collecting 16 small crystals can take a while, but these large crystals upgrade your magic power level by one instantly, so grab them whenever you get the chance.
Normal fire Star fire
You begin the game with the most basic form of fire magic. Fire from this spell travels forward a short distance before gravity pulls it down to the ground.
Star magic is the first real upgrade to the fire magic system. It costs $1500. When purchased, it can send fire forward in a zig-zag motion, alternating from high to low.
Moon fire Sun fire
Moon magic is the next upgrade in the fire magic system, but it's usefulness is debatable. It costs $2000. When purchased, it cases all fire that Dover throws to loop around in giant circles which advance rather slowly.
The Sun magic is the most advanced upgrade to fire magic. It costs $3000. When purchased, all of your fire magic shoots out at once in rapid fire. The height of these blasts rise and fall with Dover on the screen. Purchase of this magic is recommended as early as possible.
Cloak Needle & thread
Ordinarily, Dover will lose one life if he comes into contact with enemy, or any projectile fired by an enemy. However, a cloak will protect Dover through one hit. Cloaks can be purchased from a shop for $300, but they can also be found in stages.
After protecting Dover from contact with an enemy, a cloak usually rips or tears, rendering it useless. However, if Dover purchases a needle and thread from the shop for $200, and can instantly repair the cloak and get one extra use out of it.
Ocarina Jump shoes
A rather special item, it is only possible to obtain it by defeating a particular enemy in the third stage. If Dover has it while standing in the middle of a fire lake, a Phoenix will appear to give Dover a hand and fly him all the way to the end of the stage.
Like the Ocarina, the jump shoes can only be obtained by defeating a particular enemy. If you're successful and get the jump shoes, the very next jump that Dover takes will be super high. However, the shoes are only good for one jump, so choose the moment wisely.
Faerie statue Clock
At certain locations in certain stages, Dover may stumble upon a statue of a faerie. If he shoots these statues, a faerie will appear. Faeries follow Dover around, and are indestructible. Any enemy that comes in contact with a faerie is instantly destroyed. Dover can have up to two faeries following him at one time.
The clock is a special item which can be found in certain stages, or purchased from the shop for $300. If you happen to run out of time, rather than dying, the clock is used up to add an extra minute to the time you have left.