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Using the Mouse[edit]

The mouse can be used for just about everything you can do in this game, and it is therefore important to familiarize yourself with the interface and how the mouse is used. At the same time, navigating the screen and menus can slow you down, so be sure to take a look at the hotkeys, as well.

  • Use PC Mouse Left Click.png to select units.
  • Click PC Mouse Left Click.png and drag a box around a group of units (then release PC Mouse Left Click.png) to select a group of units
  • Press Ctrl+(1-0) to assign a hotkey to a group of units
  • Press 1-0 (as assigned above) to select a group of units

Screen Layout[edit]

  • Top Left
    • Resource Information: Displays the status of current resources (Requisition and Power (and Orks))
    • Team Information: Total units and unit cap
  • Top Right
    • Menu Bar: Access the main menu, display Mission Objectives, change Diplomacy Settings, etc.
    • Strategic UI: Displays captured Strategic Points, Objectives, and Relics
  • Bottom (left to right)
    • Mini Map: Displays an overview of the map
    • Section Information Area: Displays health of your unit and relative strength of the squad
    • Squad Control Area: Buttons to call in reinforcements and upgrade the currently selected squad
    • Unit Command Area: Buttons for unit commands, such as Build and Attack.

Various messages will appear in the middle section of the screen, including help text, event status, timers, and warnings. Critical messages appear in the direct center of the screen, while all other messages are suppressed to either side (type of message determines which side it appears on).

Camera Commands[edit]

Key Action
Backspace Default camera
Hold Alt+movePC Mouse.png Camera rotation
PC Mouse Wheel UpDown.png Zoom in/out
or move PC Mouse.png cursor to edge of screen Pan

Keyboard Hotkeys[edit]


Key Command
Ctrl+P Ping
Ctrl+E Toggle ping type
Hold Shift Command queue
Pause Pause game
F10 Display pause menu
F11 Objectives menu
F12 Diplomacy menu
Enter Allied chat
(Shift or Ctrl)+Enter Chat to all
Space Cycle through event queue
, Cycle through idle military
. Cycle through builders
Ctrl+R Cycle through research
Ctrl+O Toggle Overwatch On/Paused
Ctrl+K Cancel Overwatch

Engagement Stances[edit]

Key Action
F1 Hold area
F2 Stand ground
F3 Burn down
F4 Cease fire
F5 Attack

Weapon Stances[edit]

Key Action
F6 Assault stance
F7 Ranged stance

Unit Commands[edit]

Key Action
Q Stop
V Move
A Attack Move
Z Attack Melee
B Build
T Attach/Detach
G Attack ground
Delete Scuttle
N Unload
R Reinforce
L Leader
E Repair

Multiple Selection[edit]

Key Action
Ctrl+Tab Focus on primary selection
Tab Next primary selection
Shift+Tab Previous primary selection
Hold Ctrl+PC Mouse Left Click.png unit Remove selection