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Necron Lord (Necron lord of Kronus)[edit]

  • Class: Commander

The Only commander of the Necron race. They can be given 3 different items that give it different abilities.

nightmare Shroud
Lightning Field
Phase Shifter
Resurrection Orb
Solar Pulse
Veil of Darkness


Builder Scarab[edit]

  • Class: Infantry
  • Role: Builder unit

primary builder unit. They are the only units that can claim and hold strategic points. They can be reinforced, giving them a squad of 3.

Necron Warriors[edit]

These are the primary fighting force of the Necrons, equivalent to units such as Space Marines. They have powerful ranged weapons, and also have a strong melee attack. However, they are slow and don't have much range, so artillery and other things like that are good against them.

Necron Immortals[edit]

Flayed Ones[edit]

Deep Strike Units with a melee attack. They're primary strength is that they have no morale meter and they constantly damage morale of nearby units. In large numbers they can easily swarm and in smaller numbers disrupt attacks or defenses.




Necron Destroyer[edit]

  • Class: Vehicle
  • Role: anti-infantry

The basic vehicle unit for the Necrons.

Necron Heavy Destroyer[edit]

  • Class: Vehicle
  • Role:

Destroyer Lord[edit]

Tomb Spyder[edit]

  • Class: Vehicle
  • Role:

Attack Scarab[edit]

Awakened Monolith[edit]

  • Class: Vehicle
  • Role:

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