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Unit Unit Type Description
Mandrakes Combat specialists Close combat units that can be upgraded to use infiltration (stealth).
Warriors Basic infantry Common Dark Eldar unit good at ranged attacks.
Wyches Combat specialists Armed with deadly weapons and combat drugs, they hit morale of the enemy unit hard and fast.
Haemonculus Secondary commander Can attach to squads to improve damage to morale by weapons.
Warp Beast Pack Fast attack combat unit Without a beastmaster the squad will attack friendlies when panicked
Hellion Hover-infantry Mounted on skyboards these units look similar to the Green Goblin.
Scourge Jet-pack infantry Armed with Splinter Cannons by default they can be upgraded to have Dark Lances to be effective against vehicles. Unlike in the tabletop game this unit must stop in order to fire the Splinter Cannons. They can fly short distances.
Unit Unit Type Description
Raider Light Transport Armed with a dark lance this fast moving transport can fly short distances and the squad on board can fire out.
Jet-Bike Hover-bike Fast moving anti-infantry hover-bike.
Talos Heavy Hover Mecha Similar to a dreadnought but shaped like a scorpion, armed with claws and a wild fire gun. Can harvest Soul resource from dead biological enemies.
Ravager Hover-Tank Armed with 3 dark lances that can be upgraded to anti-infantry disintegrators.
Raven Aircraft A modified jetbike that flies, can prevent turrets from working.
Dais of Destruction Relic vehicle Asdrubael Vect on his modified ravager, projects an aura that protects nearby units from ranged attacks