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You begin on Karuva 1 with the Sisters of battle. Unless something weird shows up, you'll fight them for the first 1 to 3 hours. Depending on what difficulty you took, The Sisters will swarm in one of three ways. Be advised that on the stronghold you will have to destroy at least one of the Crusade Conscription places on easy, two on normal and three on hard, before the first one reaches you, or else all will perish.

  • Easy: Flame Units! You'll face about 4–10 squads fully upgraded and reinforced every so often. Sometimes they have armor with them, other times it's just Infantry.
  • Normal: Like easy, minus the minimum. They usually have Immolaters with them, and on the off chance they bring Exorcists. Depend on them bringing the flame units, and watch the skies for Seraphim squads and Lightning Fighters. Swarming as soon as your first tank is built is always a plus.
  • Hard: As soon as you have your first Tactica Control up, Garrison your units because 7–12 squads might be coming your way.